Managing Updates for Multiple Locations

SuperSalon 5.9.8 is just around the corner, bringing several new features and improvements that our Development team has been working hard on for some time. This is been a very eventful year for SuperSalon updates, with some of the best integrations and improvements being saved for last with this most recent update. Email receipts, ADP Tip integration, enhanced secure card processing, and other features have made their first appearances this year, and so far the feedback from our client base has been very positive.

So how does a salon owner or administrator make sure that all of the locations they are responsible for are updated to the newest version of SuperSalon? The quickest answer to that question would be to make a call to ProPoint technical support and have one of the agents on duty check each location individually. However, sometimes time constraints and other factors make a call like this either inconvenient or prohibitive. Luckily there is a tool in iOffice that allows salon owners and other decision-makers to see the update status of all of their locations in a single place.

The Store Update Audit Tool

Shown below is an illustrated example of this tool, as it appears in the Setup menu of iOffice. With it, users are able to generate a CSV based spreadsheet that is viewable and workable in Microsoft Excel, and will display the current software version each location is currently working with.

Store Update Audit Tool


Users of this utility have the option of three possible ways that data will be displayed in the generated CSV based spreadsheet.

  • Full Report: All salons in the iOffice users account will appear on a complete report that includes software version, and appropriate dates of initial download.
  • Updated Today: This report will generate a display of only the locations that were updated for the current day.
  • Date Range: Will display information based on the given span of time., This gives owners and other users the opportunity to fine-tune it the update history for a specific time.

As we continue to develop our offerings, both SuperSalon and iOffice will continue to integrate useful features like these to help our users realize the vision of their success when it comes to their salons. And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us directly, and we will be happy to assist you.