Managing the SalonCheckin Feature from iOffice

The SalonCheckin extended feature for SuperSalon is one of the most popular extras that ProPoint Solutions offers to our users. With it, salon clients are able to book their services online and even request the specific staff member they would like to have during their visit. This is accomplished by either a customized webpage, or a mobile app, both of which we create and maintain for our customers.

This post will go over some of the administrative features of SalonCheckin that are available to users from the iOffice platform. For more in-depth information on this extended service, current pricing, and how to get started, feel free to contact our sales department via phone or email.

Getting Started with the Best Wait Time Settings

When SalonCheckin is first established and set up on the ProPoint end, the first step salon owners and/or administrators should take is fine tuning their wait time settings. Shown below is the interface where this takes place located in the Software Settings under Salon Setup > Software Settings > Wait Time. Here is where the different metrics that go into calculating Wait Time are established and edited.

For best performance of the SalonCheckin feature, these settings should be established as follows:

  • Wait Time Disabled: Off
  • Default Service: Haircut
  • Assumed Walk-in Rate: 0%
  • Wait Time Tuner: 0%
  • Wait Time Refresh Rate: 45
  • Factor In Employees Schedules: Yes
  • Factor In Appointments: Yes
  • Factor In Call Aheads: Yes
  • Display Wait Time Chart: Yes


Accessing the SalonCheckin Settings in iOffice

With Wait Time rules configured for best efficiency, the settings themselves can then be accessed for clients to customize their SalonCheckin experience to their specific business model. These settings are located in the “Setup” tab of iOffice, as shown below. Upon first entering the interface, all of the SalonCheckin groups available to the users will be presented as links.

Each of these links accesses the individual store settings of the group, as shown in the illustrated example below. From here, users can access the Edit or Diagnostic buttons, as well as all of the individual settings themselves.


For more information on the SalonCheckin extended feature, it’s abilities, and its recurring costs, feel free to contact our sales department during business hours, and they will be happy to answer any questions you have.