Learning Content and SuperSalon 5.8

Rogers Software Development has gone to great lengths to provide our clients the most complete learning materials for SuperSalon salon management software and iOffice. With our release of SuperSalon 5.8, we’ve made considerable enhancements to a number of features to make use even easier. One particular enhancement is to the Software Settings and Permission features of SuperSalon.

SuperSalon 5.8 is packed with over 300 unique settings that assist you in every aspect of the point of sale’s operation and functionality. These settings help you make SuperSalon truly yours. You are able to use these settings to ensure that SuperSalon operates and its peak for your specific business model. Complete control from the look and feel of the point of sale to the activation and configuration of SuperSalon’s expanded services can all be managed through these settings.

In addition to a new training video scheduled for release in early 2016, our development and documentation professionals are also revamping the onboard help found in the Software Settings sections of SuperSalon.

The Permissions Settings in SuperSalon are also getting their own video series. Since they are your first line of defense in point of sale security, it’s important for users to fully understand every aspect of Permissions Settings. These videos will also see an early 2016 release and you’ll find updates here or at your iOffice portal.

Our commitment to customer support and training sets Rogers Software Development apart from other point of sale developers. Our training videos and eLearning materials are developed from suggestions we receive from our customers and we always welcome your feedback for future content.

If you have a topic you’d like to see us present a tutorial for, please let us know. Contact your Rogers representative at 888-458-1001 or send us a note here.