Knowledge Base and Help Preview

Client feedback has always been our first source material when improving upon SuperSalon and its extended features. One area of opportunity we have had has been in the way that we’ve presented learning and support materials. Although our documentation library is quite extensive and full of several PDFs of important information, it has required access to iOffice and/or Not a very efficient prospect during a busy salon workday.

Likewise with our YouTube channel. Although the quality of content is certainly there, having users make a journey to a video site in order to have a question answered was also a bit unwieldy.

Later in this quarter, we at ProPoint will be releasing two new resources that will consolidate all of our learning materials into an easy to access format. Shown below, are the SuperSalon Knowledge Base and the SuperSalon Help System. Both of these resources have been in development for the past three months to meet the need of our clients to have a better system of up training and support for their salon staff.


The SuperSalon Knowledge Base


This vast trove of information on the features of our SuperSalon was designed in responsive HTML which allows it to be viewed from any device, from standard desktop PCs, to tablets and phones. It will be available on the website, and will be constantly updated as new information is needed. Some of the features that are set to be included with the initial release are:

  • 80+ Unique topics that cover SuperSalon basics and advanced tasks.
  • 50 Brand-new training videos designed specifically for the knowledge base.
  • A 150 entry glossary of terms that cover everything from report terminology to commission templates.
  • Interactive walk-throughs and overviews that allow for hands-on training in the program.

The SuperSalon Help System


This standalone file will replace SuperSalon’s current Help menu in the POS. It will contain much of the same information and features of the SuperSalon knowledge base, and will allow users to access its content without them ever leaving the menu they are in. The features included with the initial release of this resource are:

  • All of the text and image content of the SuperSalon Knowledge Base.
  • All 50 training videos of the SuperSalon Knowledge Base.
  • Interactive walk-throughs and overviews that allow for hands-on training.
  • An expensive keyword index to allow for fast searches of important content.

Stay tuned to this blog and other email announcements for the final release of these two resources. Until then, if you have any questions about them, or any other of our offerings, please let us know via email or phone, and we will be happy to assist.