Keeping Tabs on Your Staff with SuperSalon Reports

The backbone of any good business is a well trained professional staff. And, in many ways, they are also the face of the company.

Knowing this, it is very important that you pick the best possible people to represent your brand, and train them in the best and most thorough way. The Development and Implementation team of Rogers Software Development have taken care of the training part by keeping SuperSalon as user-friendly as possible.

Beyond initial training, we have also designed specific reports in the SuperSalon POS to help you track certain employee activities. This gives managers and owners the opportunity to gauge performance and confirm integrity.

Below is a list of SuperSalon’s most popular staff reports, where they are located and how they can help you better manage your business.

report-pad11Daily Detail Report: Located in the “Sales” section of the Reports tab, this report presents a quick view of your staff’s performance for a given day and shows all payment methods as a percentage value of the whole. The report can also be run for a given date range, making trends more readily visible.

Service Gap Analysis: This report is located in the “Audit” section of the Reports tab and it has been designed to give the clearest possible picture of lost time as it relates to ticket and servicing times. “Lost Time” will usually appear in red, and will correlate to 15 to 30 minute gaps between tickets.

The Exceptions Report: Also located in the “Audit” section is the Exceptions report. This report will display the total number of cuts that either took less than five minutes to complete or more than 30 minutes.  to complete The fields are separated and listed by employee, giving management a quick view of potential problems.

The Time Card Report: Under the “Payroll” section of the Report tab is this very informative report which will show all adjustments, added bonuses and the time in which the employee serviced their first client for that day.

Though there are several more reports and features of SuperSalon that allow for business owners to monitor performance, the four reports listed above comprise the most widely used.

For more information on how you can better view and track your staff’s performance, please contact our support department here.