”Just Text Me” 5 Ways to use SMS with your Clients


Client relationships are important for any business, in any industry. However, in the case of the beauty industry, these relationships are far more critical. Though it is important to have a skilled staff who can efficiently perform their services in a timely and professional manner, building an actual relationship with your customers is what guarantees return business.

Although the term “build good client relationships” seems pretty basic to any successful salon management strategy, it is best facilitated through direct client engagement. Nowadays this can go further than just their time in the chair. Any savvy salon owners can now reach out to their client base right where they spend most of their time: glued to their cell phone!

Here are five ways to engage with your customers on another level through SMS:

1. Visit Reminders

Not everyone has time in their busy schedules to plan ahead for their next salon visit. Sending helpful reminders via text gives your clients both a convenience and peace of mind. Not to mention a great ‘heads up’ for any last-minute changes and/or cancelations, so you can keep no-shows low and books full.

2. Thank You!

Well-crafted messages of appreciation to your clients will always be well received. It can be as simple as a text receipt or as personal message of gratitude. Check out one of our previous blog post, on more ways to show your appreciation to your clients to make your business shine.

3. Happy Birthday to You!

No matter what we tell ourselves or those around us, we all love our birthdays. On that day of the year, even the most introverted among us are watching social media feeds and phone messages for greetings and praise from our friends and loved ones, and their salon too!

4. We Miss You!

We all get busy, and sometimes booking that salon appointment is that last thing on your client’s to-do list that keeps getting missed. 4-6 weeks for a haircut or color, every 90 days for that massage, helpful text reminders can just be excuses for your clients to get back in the salon faster!

5. Two Way SMS Interactions

Have a conversation with your clients. Two-way texts take the concept of “direct engagement” to the next level. Confirm, cancel, reschedule, change services, just like you were texting your BFF.

All the above and more are features that can be automated, customized based on customer history, and done with no real impact to regular salon manager duties. If you are not currently using SuperSalon’s SMS capabilities, you are missing out on some great opportunities to engage your clients directly from your point of sale that will keep your clients coming back through your doors.

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