The iOffice Business Audit Tool

Of all the extended features available to users of SuperSalon, the Business Audit Tool located in iOffice is one of the most effective for keeping track of critical events while not onsite. Once a premium extended feature, it is now available to all iOffice users. This tool tracks certain metrics in the realms of both salon performance and staffing. It can be configured to send out email alerts to a list of recipients whenever certain events take place on the POS such excessive wait time, or employee tardiness.

Using this power tool is just as easy as all of the other features of SuperSalon. It is possible to create several Audit Groups, each set to track a different criteria, for different stores. The screenshot of the iOffice Business Audit Tool interface shown below displays the possibilities for customized audit lists that can be created and set to any number of recipients.

The four major audits that can be performed are:

  • Customer Wait Time: When selected, this will send an email to the recipient group whenever wait time begins to become excessive on busy days, enabling management to make adjustments accordingly.
  • Employee Has Excessive Voids: Voided tickets usually mean lost revenue, and this standing audit will alert the recipient group of any employee who has racked up an inordinate amount of ticket voids for the day.
  • Employee Clocked In Late: This standing audit will alert the distribution list of any staff member clocking in for their shift after their scheduled time.
  • Employee Clocked in Early: This audit is much like the previous, but it instead alerts the distribution list of employees who clock into the system prior to their scheduled time.

This tool, when properly utilized, can drastically cut down on instances of time clock theft, lost revenue, and general inefficiency. The only things needed to get started are SuperSalon 5.5 or newer, an active iOffice account, and valid email addresses to comprise the distribution group. For questions on this, or any other feature of SuperSalon, don’t hesitate to contact either our Support or Sales departments.