iOffice and SalonCheckIn Updates

In an effort to continually improve the products offered by Rogers Software Development, we have scheduled important updates to iOffice and SalonCheckIn for Thursday, September 17, 2015 from 1:00am until 2:00am Pacific Time.

This communication is meant to provide information to our customers so they understand what to expect.

iOffice 1.7.2 – Issues Resolved

TT51022          Resolves issues with Salon Dashboard not showing Heartland Gift cards sold
TT52798          Resolves issues with Service Cat not showing in commission
TT54898          Resolves issues with Mutli-Store Product Sales Report generating incorrect sold amounts
TT56764          Resolves issues with iOffice Appointments Tab stylist names not fitting in boxes
TT57890          Resolves issues with monthly financial fixes
TT57891          Resolves issues with monthly financial fixes
TT57892          Resolves issues with iOffice Call Ahead Ticket wait time not calculating correctly on reports
TT57901          Resolves issues with Support Escalation #4568 – Generate CSV button not showing for 52 Week Tracking Report
TT57902          Resolves issues with Membership Activity Report not generating CSV
TT57919          Resolves issues with returns affecting totals on Product Sales Report
TT57958          Resolves issues with Remove BAT Alert
TT58017          Resolves issues where Salon Dashboard report field “Average waiting time w/o reqs” is including request tickets
TT58056          Resolves issues with eRoyalties generated with incorrect open days
TT58108          Resolves issues with iOffice password reset function not working
TT58156          Resolves issues with eRoyalties report showing no data
TT58175          Resolves issues with removing iOffice main page sidebar
TT50993          Resolves issues with payroll corrections matching iOffice
TT53282          Resolves issues where timecard shows error on iOffice
TT56213          Resolves issues with email: DMA % error
TT57895          Resolves issues with iOffice – verify ‘Wait Time’ on reports
TT58030          Resolves issues where iOffice Daily Report shows call ahead tickets by created time and not served
TT58136          Resolves issues where Store Sync is not sending Allow To Order Value for all locations
TT58166          Resolves issues with cash to deposit incorrect on salon dashboard
TT55542          Resolves issues where Customer History shows multi-tickets multiple times

iOffice 1.7.2 – Enhancements

Along with the enhancements listed here, iOffice has a new, updated home page that features news, video tutorials, tips and a cleaner look and feel.

TT40007          Adds Appointment Export for Group3
TT42859          Adds Discount Usage report to auto reports
TT54396          Adds Cash and Credit Sales rows to Employee Trend report
TT56861          Adds CSV Export option for top 60 reports after they are generated
TT57893          Improved Error Handling in Auto Reports
TT57982          Adds The same logic as POS for inactive employees on iOffice for appointments
TT58174          Adds RateMyVisit 2.0 Integration
TT58262          Hides AIQ promo tab from iOffice

SCI 1.1.12 – Issues Resolved

TT58260          Resolves issue with Service Time for Appointments Service Time for Appointments
T58216            Resolves issue with where guests can double book stylist from web SCI when Request tickets are in waiting and Stylist has not clocked in yet

SCI 1.1.12 – Enhancement

TT58273          Adds a  Custom timer for the email alert Custom timer for the email alert

We thank you for your continued support of SuperSalon software and we hope you enjoy the improvements with these  new releases.