Important Information about PCCharge

Since SuperSalon’s earliest versions, support for Verifone’s PCCharge payment processing has been a built-in feature. However, it has been announced by Verifone that PCCharge will be retired as of October 1, 2015. It’s important to know how this affects users of PCCharge and what alternatives are available.

New orders of the software were finalized as if May 1st, and the final shipping date for all new licenses was May 7th of 2015. This was also the same date in which old licenses would no longer be upgraded to new ones. The end of life notifications and processes from Verifone are in full swing, and SuperSalon users who still utilize this payment processing method should take this time to change.

After the October 1st end of life date, Rogers Software Development will no longer be able to provide support for PCCharge users. Between now and then, RSD Technical Support and Sales can our customers who use PCCharge assistance in uninstalling the feature and recommending alternatives.

Our integrated partners include a number of payment processing options:

One of our newer integrated partners, Aurus is a payment processing service that provides its own terminal and end-to-end encrypted card reader. Whereas PCCharge uses software installed on the point of sale computer, Aurus provides a more compartmentalized and secure approach.

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This third party processor also focuses on security and ease of use by providing users an encrypted reading device as part of its service.

Our most widely used integrated payment processing partner is SecureNet. This processor focuses on secure transactions and works as an added feature from within SuperSalon’s point of sale.

SuperSalon customers who currently use PCCharge as their payment processor should contact their sales representatives prior to October 1 to discuss alternatives and implementations.

Questions about this change? Feel free to contact us here.