Implementing the Points System in SuperSalon

SuperSalon point of sale and back office software has several features that can assist business owners in customer retention and loyalty. From our robust discount creation system to customized mobile apps, Rogers Software Development has packed an extensive arsenal of powerful tools into SuperSalon and its companion iOffice.

One feature, in particular, that many business owners swear by is the Customer Points System. Explained briefly, the Customer Point System awards points to customers when they purchase certain services or products. Once a requisitive number of points have accumulated, your customer can then exchange them for free or discounted products or services.

Enabling this feature is quite easy to do, and it involves a simple setting tweak to make it active.

To get to the Customer Points System setup, the SuperSalon user navigates to the Software Settings of the Setup tab under Marketing. From there, select Loyalty and Gift.

The second section of options is the “Points” interface and it is here that the user will find three buttons that activate and control SuperSalon’s Points feature. They are explained as follows:

Points System
This activates or deactivates the feature entirely – making it so both products and services are being tracked for points or not.

Allow Manual Changes to Customer Points
If enabled, this will enable an interface in every customer profile that allows the user to add or subtract customer points.

Add Points when Redeemed
When enabled, this setting will make it possible for points to be awarded during the process of redeeming them.

With the Customer Points System active, users only need to select the products or services that will generate points for clients. They can then decide how many points will be awarded and how many must be accumulated before they can be redeemed. Additionally, the user can determine what discounts or awards apply when points are redeemed.

The Customer Points System in SuperSalon is designed to drive customer loyalty and repeat business. Using this feature to give your customers discounts and other rewards is an excellent and easy way to keep them coming back.

Have questions on this feature or other functions of SuperSalon? Feel free to contact us here for more details.