Hyperfocus: Pick a Service and Watch it Grow

Increasing the average ticket price is a challenge faced by many salon owners. Owners often look at their monthly revenue breakdown and see the majority of tickets are for the same few services. This is especially true in instances where a salon has a reputation for doing a specific service well. SuperSalon and iOffice can help salons push the all service offerings, and diversify an owner’s revenue stream. Here are some steps owners can take to increase sales for services that are currently lagging behind their most popular items.

Step 1: Create Employee Incentives to Push the Service
SuperSalon and iOffice can create any commission or incentive plan you would like to use to help incentivize specific behavior. Another often overlooked incentive are employee points which can be set to accrue after the sale of specific services. These can be assigned in the individual Service profile.

Step 2: Bundle the Service Into a Package Deal
Bundle packages work particularly well for locations that offer color services, and separate the cost between the labor and the chemicals themselves. Offering your clients a discount as a package can lead to an increase in popularity as well.

Step 3: When in Doubt, Do a Series Sale!
Series sales are a great option to breathe life into a lower performing service. With them, salon customers can get a value by having a free or discounted service after receiving it a number of times. The Series Sales option in SuperSalon can be found in the Manager menu.

SuperSalon and iOffice give salon owners an arsenal of salon management tools to increase profitability and ensure long-term growth of the business. Feel free to peruse our Knowledge Base to learn more about the great salon management features of SuperSalon, and to learn how to get started right away, contact us today for more information!