How To Improve Employee Output By Increasing Retail Sales

Owners of beauty salons know that the key to the success of their enterprise lies in a twofold approach to profitability: service AND retail sales. Where many other businesses in the greater service industry tend to focus on just one of those two, beauty salons and other similar enterprises need to strike a balance between both in order to see a desired level of profitability.

Stylists and other frontline salon staff are not always trained salespeople. The good news is that business owners who use the SuperSalon salon management system have several ways at their disposal to help their employees increase their retail sales. This post will go into just a few of the ways users of SuperSalon and iOffice can supercharge a salon’s retail success.

Employee Incentives: The Best Way to Motivate Your Team

Salon staff who happen to be artists in their craft, and we all know many of them, will usually set their primary focus on doing the best job they can with the client in their chair. Getting them to share that focus with the importance of selling products can actually be a lot easier than most people think. Three ways we’ve found that SuperSalon users are successful in this are as follows:

  • Commission Plans and Bonuses: Business owners are limited only to their imagination when it comes to creating commission plans for their staff. Being especially generous when creating a Product Sales commission plan will do wonders to help supercharge your retail sales potential.
  • Staff Competitions: The myriad of reports in both SuperSalon and iOffice that track employee sales performance are the best and most impartial judges of any weekly/monthly/quarterly competitions you may have for your staff. These friendly challenges do wonders for staff morale as well.
  • Package Deals: Easily the most effortless way to increase retail sales revenue is to bundle your most popular services with the products that they are associated with. This also takes pressure away from stylists as these discounted packages tend to sell themselves.

There are other ways to help increase your retail sales numbers as well such as Series Sales and a strong Membership program. We will go into these methods in future blog posts, and for now, if you have any questions, or just want some advice on how to make your retail success as brilliant as your service numbers, just call or email, and we will be happy to assist!