Helping Your Salon Go Green Without Breaking the Bank

At this amazing moment in our history, a spirit of cooperation and collaboration exists all around the globe. People are finally working together for a healthier planet and a brighter future. In our previous post, we went over some of the ways our company is doing its part to make sure the next generation has a cleaner and safer planet.

This week we’d like to offer some suggestions on how you and your organization can help contribute to this effort. Many believe that eco-friendly alternatives to their usual products and infrastructure are prohibitively expensive and hard to implement. This may have been true a few years ago, but in 2019, this is not the case at all, as you will see.

1. Bring in the Sunlight!
This is a great way of bringing the “outdoors” indoors, and can easily be regarded as one of the cheapest and simplest steps to take for a salon to save energy. Removing nontransparent advertisements from the windows, strategically positioning mirrors, and utilizing more energy efficient CFL or LED bulbs is a very cheap and easy tactic to brighten the location and cut down on electricity costs.

2. Decorate with Plants instead of Artwork
This strategy works best when combined with the first suggestion as the increased sunlight will help the plants flourish and bloom. Plants are Mother Nature’s high-efficiency air scrubbers, and the more you have in your salon, the more oxygen will be produced. Also being surrounded by more greenery brings a natural sense of well-being for your clients and staff to enjoy.

3. Be more Mindful of Color Usage
Many salons make the very common mistake of mixing more color solution than they actually are going to use. While it is sound reasoning to always make sure you have a little bit more than you need just to be certain you have enough, be aware that the overflow ends up going into the water system. While not as damaging as, say, pure radium, it is considered a pollutant in many areas.

4. Purchase and Use only Energy Efficient Appliances
Make sure all tools and appliances that are used at the salon have good marks for energy efficiency and longevity. Not only will this cut costs in the long run, they are generally safer for the environment. The same idea can also be applied to the furniture in the location. Buying furniture that is built to last four years cuts down on waste in significant ways as well.

5. Do Even More with The Kevin Murphy “Green.Salon” Project
This initiative undertaken by well known Australian Beauty Industry powerhouse, Kevin Murphy, provides a virtual tool for salons to score themselves and see what steps they can take to help improve their environmental footprint, and save money along the way! For more information on this, and how to join the Kevin Murphy “Green Circle” salons, click here.

We welcome all salon businesses to join us in the greater global effort to tackle the environmental challenges presented to our generation. We are also optimistic that this group effort that will include all of humanity could lead to even better things in the future besides just environmental awareness. The simple fact is that if we want a better future for our posterity, we all need to take action now.