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Growth Owners


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Get More Customers

Expand the reach of your brand with email marketing capabilities, social media integration, and convenience-based SMS messaging tools. and deliver an effortless experience for new and existing customers with web checkin, mobile push communications and targeted messaging capabilities.

Automated customer experience surveys and Smart Receipt promotions drive feedback, customer engagement, repeat business and favorable online reviews.

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Grow Strategically

Make the right investments in the right areas at the right times. SuperSalon’s proprietary salon POS software is designed to help you grow strategically and intelligently by providing critical visibility to business fundamentals that help you build a solid foundation for growth.

It’s software that grows with you, delivering powerful insights, consolidated reports and detailed data to improve your bottom line, increase your operational efficiency and allow you to make better business choices overall.

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Create Better Cash Flow

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business with prescriptive analytics to improve your cash flow through data-driven insights that identify idle and under-leveraged capital.

Know your business better through powerful organizational management tools that uncover new areas of revenue opportunity, increase efficiency, minimize errors, control your labor costs and mitigate shrink and loss.

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Informed Management

Operate with intelligence to make better management decisions. SuperSalon links your staffing and inventory levels together with current booking and sales trends to add an advantage to your bottom line.

Easily track staff time on the clock, paid in and paid outs, supply expenses, trade-down theft and inventory shrink. Make better management decisions with specific solutions that neutralize business risk and deliver measurable success.

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Enhanced Customer Experience

SuperSalon’s real-time customer feedback capabilities help to ensure that your customers always have consistent and optimal guest experiences whenever they visit by delivering targeted feedback data that easily identifies areas where you can adjust and improve.

Give your guests more ways to connect with online booking integration with Facebook, third party email marketing tools, online checkin and a mobile app to provide more digital visibility and brand awareness.

The Perfect Solution for Growth Owners

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Powerful Features that Ensure Your Success.

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Eliminate the Learning Curve

Easy to Use, Intuitive and Powerful.

Easy to use, natural and powerful. Easy graphical interfaces make learning to use SuperSalon a snap. Team members will find it to be intuitive tool in no time – empowering them to spend more time creating amazing experiences for your customers.

Keep your learning process simple by selectively enabling only the features you want or need the most and tailor SuperSalon to meet your specific business needs.