Getting Up and Running with SuperSalon Training

When selecting a software-based salon management system, one of the most important factors to consider is how easy it is to adopt. Onboarding staff members to a new system can be challenging. In the case of SuperSalon, our training program is second to none in the industry, making this transition as painless as possible.

For several years now our Implementations and Training departments have been formulating the quickest and most effective ways of communicating the ins and outs of SuperSalon and iOffice. We got a chance to talk with the managers of both of these departments to ask them how they’ve been so successful over the years in getting people up and running.

SuperSalon Training is Easy and Intuitive

A common fear of learning ANY new software system is that it may be too complex and difficult to adopt. Our Training Manager, Zach Lamme, has this advice to give for those who might feel a little overwhelmed by all the features of SuperSalon:

“Focus on one section at a time, work with your trainer to do this. Taking over a new or existing location is an absolutely huge workload initially, and that won’t calm down for the first 1-2 months. Focus on your relationship with your new employees, focus on configuring your system to your liking and ensuring you have a full understanding of the payroll system.

From there move on to more advanced and configurable areas of the system, such as inventory, additional software settings and sales/marketing/reporting.”

We Understand that Training isn’t a Linear Procedure

After the initial on-site training is completed, salon owners are more than welcome to contact the Implementations and/or Training departments to get advice, or be pointed in the right direction of our resources. Zach also has this to say about this open door policy:

“There are too many options, settings, configurations, reports etc., to cover in the standard training period. I would say the biggest areas of questions here are related to reporting and financial issues, etc.”

We see the initial training period as the beginning of a partnership, not the end of a sale. This is why we have created resources like the SuperSalon Knowledge Base and our YouTube channel which is full of helpful videos that can assist in up training and further onboarding of new staff. More than that, our Support department is also there to assist whenever it’s needed.

We welcome all salon owners who may be exasperated with the ins and outs of their salon management systems, and get very little help from the companies who created them. In the past couple of years, so many have come over from other systems, we know all the best ways to get them up and running with a system that will drive their salon success for many years to come.