Getting to Know the SuperSalon Support Department

Making sure our clients have everything they need to be successful with our offerings is very important to us here at SuperSalon. We have a very deep-rooted commitment to excellence that every staff member adheres to, from the highest points of our management, to the newest employee training for a Support role. In this post, we would like to showcase the latter, and their importance in the company.

With resources like our YouTube channel and our Knowledge Base, we like to think we have our clients covered in terms of information when they need it. However, sometimes things can take an unexpected turn, and a call to Technical Support may be necessary. Whether it’s a problem with the system, assistance with a backup, or just a simple question, our Support department is ready for that call.

A Diverse Group Committed to Excellence

Clients who interact with our Support department will notice that our team speaks with many accents from American, European, and Latin American nationalities. By recruiting the best talent from around the world, we have enabled this diversity to be one of our key strengths by adding the perspective of different cultures to the creation of excellent customer service.

The manager of the Support team, Mike Rigby, is himself a Canadian citizen, and has worked for the company for over a decade. He oversees a team that spans multiple continents, and has this to say about training new technicians who are just entering the tech industry:

You need to proactively learn this system… It will be quite a while before you really feel comfortable. Yes I would recommend this to someone entering the industry. I have generally been treated very well here and working from home is a definite plus. We have a good team in place.

New technicians are given in depth, hands-on training with the system for several weeks prior to taking calls themselves. When they are ready to do this, a senior technician will shadow and monitor them , giving pointers and advice where needed until they are ready to fly completely solo. Unlike other companies, concerns about call duration take backseat to quality of support and assistance.

Candidates who are successful enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of working remotely from home for one of the most successful salon management systems in the industry. This approach to our Support staffing has resulted in a team that is extremely loyal, close knit, and very committed to their roles in the company. It’s harder to have the Monday blues when you don’t have to fight traffic, and can work from the comfort of your home.

For more information on job openings in this or any other Department of SuperSalon, stay tuned to the “Careers” section of our website!