Getting the Most out of SuperSalon’s Memberships Feature

There are very few marketing strategies that can guarantee future revenue quite like a good and well thought out membership program. Those that require a monthly payment, and are successful, can quickly lead to a dependable stream of profit that also fosters increased client and brand loyalty.

For those who may not be familiar with this feature (or what memberships are in the context of SuperSalon’s capabilities) memberships are programs that offer clients a premium product or service (usually at a discounted rate) in exchange for a membership fee that is automatically collected from their credit or debit card, based on the desired billing cycle.

It was early in SuperSalon’s development that we began integrating features into the software that allow salon owners to create programs that automatically bill their clients on a pre-determined cycle.

The success experienced by the salons who were part of the initial testing group told us this was a feature we would continue to promote and improve upon.

Salons owners who are interested in starting a membership program should be aware of the following requirements:

  • An active iOffice account for tracking and reporting
  • SuperSalon versions 5.6.2 and newer in each salon that wishes to participate
  • An integrated card charging solution that utilizes a reader with PCI Compliant end-to-end encryption, such as Monetra / SecureNet
Applying Membership to sales. Click to enlarge

Applying Membership to sales. Click to enlarge

After your Membership program is set up, and all of its associated billing cycles and benefits are configured, selling and redeeming is just as easy as any other operation in SuperSalon. In the Checkout screen shown here, the left radial menu will allow you to apply a membership sale to a ticket just as easy as any product or service.

We also keep extensive instructional documentation on the iOffice home page that will walk you through everything from the initial setup to the configuration of the programs themselves.

As always, you can also rely on our Support department to answer any questions you may have on this, or any other feature of SuperSalon you feel may help grow your business.