Getting Help with SuperSalon’s Salon Kiosk

One of SuperSalon’s most popular features is its ability to extend iteself across several decives in a salon while still accessing a centralized database. This kiosk ability can also be used with smaller mobile devices in addition to standard desktops. Many high-traffic locations using the kiosk feature have completely eliminated check-in and servicing bottlenecks as well as other workflow interruptions.

However, as with any piece of modern technology, users may occasionally require assistance in working through kiosk functions and issues. This article touches on some of the more common questions we’ve received about the kiosk function and will outline what you can do to work through them.

brokenCustomized Logo Not Appearing on Welcome Screen

Often, this issue is caused by using an image file that does not meet requirements for display. RAW Photoshop files (PSD), .PNG images and other large image formats will not be recognized by SuperSalon. Likewise, the size requirements of 250 by 75 pixels mean larger images will not properly display.

Reducing the size of your logo image can be done in any freeware or commercial photo editor. Using a compress or web-optimized .JPG or .GIF will ensure that your image will appear correctly in SuperSalon’s kiosk welcome screen.

Kiosks Not Synchronizing with the Master PC

networkingWhen various kiosk devices are not keeping in sync with the primary SuperSalon PC, it can mean there are either networking issues or an issue in the SuperSalon database. The first impulse you have may be to contact technical support, but there are a few actions you can take to solve such issues before the need for a support call.

The first action is to ensure there is general network connectivity and wireless connectivity at your location. To do this, use a wireless device that is not currently being used as a kiosk. Check your wireless network settings to ensure there is a strong signal. If there is not a strong signal, you will need to power down and reboot network devices including the routers and cable or DSL modem. If restarting these devices does not solve the issue, you will need to contact your internet service provider as a network outage may be the problem.

If there is good network connectivity, we recommend restarting all kiosk devices. Start by powering down the master PC and then the remaining kiosk devices. Power back up, starting with the master PC and following with the remaining devices. In most cases, following these steps will solve synchronization issues.

updateFailure to Connect After SuperSalon Update

When SuperSalon upgraded its coding to the current MySQL5 standard, the standard of communication between kiosks and the point of sale database also changed. Because of this, it’s necessary to include the new version on every device in the salon to ensure proper functionality.

If your kiosk devices are showing errors when attempting to connect after a SuperSalon version update, you will need to get in touch with Rogers Technical Support. The support team can quickly walk you through the process to correct the issue.

Most issues associated with kiosk devices and connectivity can be quickly resolved by taking these steps. If, however, you are unable to achieve a satisfactory result, Rogers Technical Support is available to assist and can be reached at

If you have questions about SuperSalon or kiosk devices, get in touch with us here.