SuperSalon Features


Keep More Cash

Get a handle on your cash with real-time and predictive reporting tools that improve your bottom line and operational efficiency.

Sales-to-Payroll Reporting

Integrated calculation for percentage of gross payroll to total sales %.

Traffic-Based Staffing

Prescriptive scheduling to optimize your labor with store traffic patterns. 

Inventory On-Hands Reporting

Measure and report how long it takes to move your inventory on hand.

Predictive Purchasing

Generate a purchase prediction for a predicted amount of future sales.

Get a Higher Average Ticket

Sell to your customers’ needs with a simple and intuitive salon management platform that tracks purchase history, generates unique offers, enables membership programs and more.

Customer Purchase History

Track services and product preferences and uncover cross selling opportunities.

Packages, Promotions, Discounts & Coupons

Create offers, discounts and coupons by stylist/customer to see which work best.

Easy to Use

Get to full productivity quicker. An intuitive interface speeds up new hire training.

Control Costs and Mitigate Loss

Manage risk by tracking your inventory movement, cash drawer and discount activity to identify anomalies and necessary interventions.

Cash Drawer Management

Track paid in and paid out to reliably tie your salon supply expenses together.

Activity Auditing

Timeclock vs. schedule, cash drawer activity, voids, inventory shrink, trade-down, and discounting.

Check-in Kiosk

Reduce staffing costs and provide a frictionless guest experience by automating the customer check-in process.

Employee Time Clock

Reliable and fully integrated tracking of all staff time on the clock.

Increase Frequency of Visit

Get the edge you need to give your customers an effortless, integrated mobile experience and the freedom to book anywhere, anytime.

Text Communications

Keep your customers close with marketing communications, and reduce costly no-shows with appointment and check-in reminders.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Create exclusive customer loyalty programs for any location or across your enterprise.

Mobile App

Integrates seamlessly to let customers book appointments and check in by smartphone.

Smart Receipts

Turns regular receipts into special offers and promotions that keep customers coming back. 

Web Checkin

Empower your customers to quickly and easily view availability and book services from anywhere.

Grow Your Customer Base

Capture new customers with brand-building integrated social media, marketing and customer engagement tools that identify and attract new business.

Facebook Booking

SuperSalon gives customers more ways to book online, including via their Facebook accounts.

Email Marketing

Integrated email marketing tools to enable email campaigns and new marketing opportunities.

Brand-Building Opportunities

Broaden brand visibility and reach with seamless web check-in and mobile app technology.

Package Sales

Easily create exclusive personalized bundled offers for your products and services.

Improve Your Product

Gain valuable prospect and customer insights with tools that encourage clients to visit more often, turning more first-timers into regulars.

Singular Customer Profiles

Centralized database, customer activity based reporting to identify repeat visits, rates, etc.

Customer Ratings

RateMyVisit.com allows for fully-integrated customer feedback and ranking of your business.

Appointment Booking & Scheduling

A simple tap or click lets you schedule employees, book appointments and more.

Keep Top Talent Longer

Tap into staffing tools that improve staff productivity, motivation and performance.

Employee Performance

Easily track your stylist’s productivity to acknowledge exceptional performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

Staff Development

Help your staff improve their skills and the experience they deliver to your customers with automated customer feedback surveys.

Employee Incentives

A broad range of standard compensation plans allows you to motivate the behavior that will benefit your employees, your customers, and your business.

Streamline Your Operations

Business intelligence tools that bring everything together –– payments, reporting, inventory, check-in, communication, reports, and more.

Accept All Payment Types

Accept all payment types to drive more customers to your business and locations.

Internal Messaging

Communicate with your staff using Integrated messaging and one-point communication tools.

Fingerprint Check-in

Configure fingerprint prompts for any actions that require a password.

One View

Synchronize your dashboard to show all customer and business data in a one view.

Customized Reporting

Customize how you want to interpret performance of your business or multi-location salons.

SKU and Barcode Printing

Minimize time spent stocking with in-store printing of product SKU’s and barcodes.

Protect Your Data

Secure cloud-based data warehouse keeps staff and customer data safe 24/7. Secure, PCI and EMV credit card processing eliminates the risk of charge-backs.

Real-time Data Archiving

Easily and securely automate and schedule any automated behind-the-scenes backups.

Secure Cloud Storage

Store all your data offsite for encrypted, safe viewing anywhere, anytime.

Customized Security

Configure multiple security levels and authentications to suit your business needs.

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