Exploring the iOffice Store Sync: Part One

SuperSalon and iOffice users have a powerful tool at their disposal which helps them keep things like products, permission settings and promotional discounts in sync between multiple locations. This tool is the Store Sync feature and it’s available to users of our iOffice cloud management and back office system. This article will give you a quick overview of this feature as well as a description of each item that can be synchronized by using it.

The Store Sync feature has its own tab in iOffice and, when users first enter the interface, they are shown a list of all the possible business elements that can be synchronized across several locations.

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Here is a quick look at what items can be synchronized using the Store Sync feature:

  • Services
    All labor-based offerings set up as Services in the point of sale can be kept consistent across all locations.
  • Products
    All retail items offered by location that are set up in SuperSalon as products.
  • Series Sales
    Synchronizes the series sales feature. This does not, however, synchronize client purchase data or history.
  • Packages
    Bundled offerings of products and services with specialized pricing.
  • Discounts
    All discounts, their restrictions and any other stipulations.
  • SMS
    This synchronizes SMS messaging settings and content across multiple locations.
  • Gift Vouchers
    Both active and inactive promotional gift vouchers for one location can be synchronized across multiple locations.
  • Auto Discount
    This synchronizes automatic discount settings, and their display settings, across multiple locations.
  • Service Credits
    This synchronizes the amount of credits each service is worth without synchronizing the services themselves.
  • Employee
    This assists employee transfers by synchronizing an employee’s data from one location to another.
  • Product Orders
    For organizations that order products as a unit, this will synchronize individual orders to all locations.
  • Permissions
    Vital security settings for the SuperSalon point of sale can be transferred and synchronized throughout all locations on the account.
  • Paid In/Out Acct Codes
    For salons that use a unified system of till accounting, account codes can be synchronized through all locations.
  • Item Master
    This synchronizes all items that are in the retail master list and assists in electronic product ordering.

With all of the items that can be synchronized between locations, SuperSalon and iOffice users have a powerful tool for a unified business plan that incorporates each salon they own.

Part two of this series will provide step-by-step instructions on synchronizing permission settings across multiple locations.

Questions about the iOffice Store Sync feature? Be sure to contact us here.