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Enterprise & Franchise Owners

Build on your enterprise foundation to improve your company operations and your overall guest experience.

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Increase Operational Visibility

See everything in one place using a centralized software database that synchronizes all customer and business data, easily allowing you to manage everything from one platform – from the essentials like guest management, employee scheduling, payroll, inventory, marketing and reporting – to enterprise and multi-location functionality for larger salon organizations.

SuperSalon’s breadth of capabilities deliver more robust features to give multi-location and franchise owners visibility to performance across varied locations. Easily switch from multi-location reporting to multi-location management with scale, and get reports that deliver rich data and prescriptive analytics allow you to make confident decisions versus simply being informed.

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Grow Sales

SuperSalon gives you the power to create new product and service packages, and the ability to sell them to your customer base across extended franchised networks. Enhancements such as visibility to customer notes on cuts and color enable you to cross sell additional services.

Keep your learning curve low with an intuitive graphical user interface that allows for speedier training of new hires and a faster ramp to full productivity. Easily track the effectiveness of coupons, discounts and other marketing programs to ensure optimal returns.

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Cultivate Guest Loyalty

SuperSalon leverages real-time feedback and historical customer data to improve guest retention, spend and loyalty. Create and deliver targeted offerings via SMS push communication, gift cards and customized customer loyalty programs.

You can even add a salon checkin link to customer SMS text messages for easy online checkin the next time the visit.

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Develop and Retain Top Talent

Hang on to your best and most talented salon revenue generators with productivity insights that enable targeted staff development, performance improvement and employee retention.

Other benefits include an exclusive tip card functionality which makes tips conveniently available to staff without stress on location cash supply, and a robust funding cycle application which builds incentives for your best team members to stay.

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Protect Your Data

Get peace of mind that your business data is always safe. Easily synchronize data and settings from one salon to others. Configure security levels and authentications for things like scheduled and automated backups using secure, off-site encrypted viewing of all store and customer data.

Your transactions will always be private and secure with SuperSalon’s encrypted card readers and true credit card end-to-end encryption – including new off-line processing. Easily review and edit your tickets while maintaining a complete audit trail of all changes.

Get more visibility to trade-down theft, set flags for potential service threats, quickly identify and prevent time entry clock mistakes and fraud prevent time abuses with a smart time clock.

The Perfect Solution for Enterprise & Franchise Businesses.

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Eliminate the Learning Curve

Easy to Use, Intuitive and Powerful.

Easy to use, natural and powerful. Easy graphical interfaces make learning to use SuperSalon a snap. Team members will find it to be intuitive tool in no time – empowering them to spend more time creating amazing experiences for your customers.

Keep your learning process simple by selectively enabling only the features you want or need the most and tailor SuperSalon to meet your specific business needs.