Entering a Salon Employee into iOffice

For locations where hiring is done at an upper managerial level, or in cases when the salon PC is not available after hours, new hires can be entered into the system via iOffice. Creating and configuring new Employee Profiles is an easy task in both platforms, and this article will give step by step instructions on the most basic version of the current iOffice procedure, more or less information may be required for individual locations.

iOffice Employee Entry

Step 1: From anywhere in the iOffice, navigate to the “Employees” submenu of the Manager tab. This will take the user to the current roster of all employees. To add the new staff member, click or tap on the “Add New Employee” button.

Step 2: This will open a blank Employee Profile that will have the “General” tab as the default view. This is where the most basic of employee info is entered, as required by the specific location. If this staff member will be performing production related tasks, make sure the “Performs Services” check box is filled in.

Step 3:  Next, click or tap on the “Payroll” button, and input all of the information that pertains to this staff member’s compensation and payroll status. It is here where the employee is determined to be full or part time, hourly or salary payment amounts, and what pay-period they will be assigned to. Users also have the ability to assign a bonus for specific days worked.

Step 4: Click or tap into the “Commission Plans” section of the Employee Profile by using the button with the same name. Commission plans can be assigned and removed from the employee by clicking or tapping on the buttons associated with them. This completes the most basic of Employee profiles, and the user can then click or tap on the “Save” button to lock the new employee into the system. The information will then go the salon POS via the next standard upload by SuperSalon.

To learn more about this or any other procedure for SuperSalon or iOffice, please refer to the ProPoint Knowledge Base for more information, or feel free to call our Support department at any time!