Editing Tip Amounts in SuperSalon

Since its most earliest versions, SuperSalon has offered its users the flexibility to be able to edit just about any aspect of their business or workflow. This flexibility also applies to making changes in payments and in gratuity amounts in cases where senior staff members find them necessary. This article will illustrate the process involved in editing tips, and the information herein applies to any version of SuperSalon since 2003.

Editing Tips in SuperSalon

Step 1: From anywhere in SuperSalon, enter the Search Sales submenu from the Manager menu.


Step 2: Locate the ticket that requires the tip adjustment, and click or tap on it to bring up its information.


Step 3: From the Ticket Information screen, click or tap on the “Edit Tips/Payments” button located in the bottom array.


Step 4: Click or tap on the left facing button labeled “Edit Tips”.


Step 5: Using the drop-down menu, select the employee who will be receiving the tip adjustment.


Step 6: Next, select the “Type”, whether it be Cash, Check, Credit, etc.


Step 7: Update the amount to be added or taken away, and then click or tap on the “Save” button to lock the changes into SuperSalon.

Next week’s blog post will be about adjusting payment amounts in settled tickets, and if you would like to see a particular aspect of SuperSalon explained in detail, please send us any recommendations that you have. Our knowledge base also contains a great deal of information on the processes that are performed in SuperSalon and iOffice to help manage your salon business in the best way possible.