Creating a Training Position in SuperSalon

Finding qualified staff members for your salon is an important part of ensuring your success. To do so, many salon owners use a probationary or training period prior to allowing stylists to work with clients. For this reason, SuperSalon allows you to create training positions, directly in the point of sale, to manage staff members in a probationary period. This article will show you the steps in creating training positions and how to use them.

Step One

From anywhere in SuperSalon’s point of sale, select the Setup menu and then the Positions sub-menu.

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Step Two

The Positions sub-menu displays a list of all existing time clock positions, their codes, sub-positions and other important information. To create the Training position, select the New Position button, located in the upper center.

Training Position 2

Step Three

The New Position form contains text fields that allow you to input the individual information for the new position. All fields are optional – with the exception of the name field – and each text field can be understood as follows:

  • Name
    The individual position title that will appear on the time clock screen for this particular role
  • Code
    A unique code for the position can be determined should you want it to be used in reporting
  • Track Production
    This yes/no field determines whether or not label performed in this position becomes part of SuperSalon’s reporting metrics
  • Hourly Bonus
    This is the dollar value for any bonuses earned by employees in this position
  • Parent Position
    Use this field to make this position a sub-position by naming the parent position (Example: Stylist could be a parent position to Stylist in Training)
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Step Four

Using the green check mark titled Save in the New Position form adds the new position to the Positions sub-menu. The new created position will now be available for assignment to each employee profile. The example below shows our new Stylist in Training position ready for use with new hires.

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Creating new positions for SuperSalon is quick and easy. Plus, by categorizing staff members into the positions you create, you can get a better understanding of your daily operations.

If you have questions on this or any other SuperSalon feature, be sure to get in touch with us here.