Creating a Required Reading Message in SuperSalon

Clear communications between staff members is a vital aspect of any successful business. The SuperSalon point of sale system addresses this need with a versatile and easy to use messaging system, right out of the box. Located in its own dedicated tab in the SuperSalon interface, this messaging system allows the creation of messages that will be required reading when a staff member clocks in for the day.

The following is a step-by-step guide showing you how to create an important message that staff members will be required to read before they can begin their shift. Click the images to enlarge.

Step One
From anywhere in the SuperSalon POS system, click or tap on the Messages tab.


Step Two
After authenticating as the correct user, click on the New Message button at the bottom of the interface.


Step Three
After selecting the correct staff member(s) by clicking the To: field and selecting the name tile, compose both the subject and body of the message just as you would a typical email message. Multiple staff members can be selected based on position, group or role in the organization.

When finished, click the Required Reading button located in the lower left corner of the New Message interface, as shown below.


Step Four
After reviewing your message, click the Ok button in the lower right corner of the interface to send the message to your intended recipient(s).


Once the Required Reading message is sent, it will be stored in your staff members’ personal time clock profile. There, it will appear as a pop-up when the staff member clocks in for the day. Our example below shows the required reading message as an alert on the employee’s time clock profile.


You’ll find this feature useful for communicating important updates such as changes to procedures or policies. It’s also a great way to remind employees of store closings, holiday hours or special events.

If you’d like additional information on this or any other SuperSalon feature, be sure to get in touch with us here.