Creating New Pay Periods in iOffice

When initially setting up a salon’s payroll, one of the first things to establish is the frequency in which staff members will be paid for their work. This article will go over the step-by-step process involved in creating both a weekly pay period, and one that reflects multiple instances per month. While this process is also available in the SuperSalon POS, for the purposes of this article, we will be demonstrating it in the iOffice cloud management and backup system as many business owners would prefer to have this completed prior to installation and training.

Crafting a Weekly Pay Period

Step 1: After logging in with the assigned credentials, go to the “Store Setup” tab, then Payroll/Bonuses submenu, and click or tap on the “Pay-Periods” link.


Step 2: Using the drop-down menu labeled “Select Pay Period”, click or tap on the “Create New Pay Period” link.


Step 3: Make certain that “Weeks” is selected in the first drop-down, as shown in the illustrated example below.


Step 4: Indicate the number of weeks that will be contained within the pay period using the next drop-down in the sequence. A maximum of four is permitted.


Step 5: Indicate the day of the week the new cycle will begin, using the selection of bubbles.


Step 6: Choose the exact date that pay period will begin to take affect using the next drop-down in the sequence, and the selection choices will be based on the individual day that was determined in the previous step.


Step 7: The “Show Commissions for” setting determines how commissions will be displayed on the Payroll report. If “entire pay period” is selected, there will be one table showing all commissions for the period.

If each week of pay-period is selected, one table will be displayed for each week in the pay-period, and a third table will display the totals.


Step 8: Finally, determine the name for this new pay cycle, using the text field in the final row of selections.


Step 9: Complete the process by clicking on the “Save Pay-Period” button to save it into iOffice, and will be sent to the SuperSalon POS upon the next standard upload from the salon’s machine.


For Multiple Pay Periods per Month

Step 1: Complete the steps 1 through 2 as indicated in the preceding section.


Step 2: Using the first drop-down, the selection should be “Multiple Periods Each Month”, as shown in the illustrated example below.


Step 3: Determine the number of pay periods each month will contain with the drop-down located in this row. A maximum of four can be selected.


Step 4: .With the system of drop-down’s located in this row, determine the individual date ranges of each period.


Step 5: The drop-down located in this row will determine the start date of the new pay period.


Step 6: This text field is where the unique name for the new pay period can be entered.


Step 7: Clicking the “Save Pay-Period” button will save this new pay periods into iOffice, and make it available for review and edit.