Creating Coupon Discounts in SuperSalon

One of the best ways to ensure repeat business from your clientele is by always maintaining an array of discounts that can be used for your offerings. Since SuperSalon point-of-sale, one of the world’s leading salon management systems, was designed to enable business owners to create as many discounts as they would like, you see any number of parameters via the user friendliness of the software. This capability also extends into the realm of physical coupons, and this article will describe the step-by-step process in creating a coupon discount to be used with SuperSalon.

Step 1: from the discounts submenu of the manager menu, click or tap on the “Add New Discount” button, as shown below.


Step 2: In the “General” area of the discount creation screen, enter the discount details such as the code, name, quick description, and other pertinent information that will apply to it.


Step 3: In order for the coupon processing feature to operate, the “Enable Coupon” checkbox must be selected by the user, as shown below.


Step 4: With “Enable Coupon” checked, two text fields will populate for the user to enter the numeric series of the coupon. This provides the SuperSalon POS database with its point of reference for tracking the validity of this coupon.


Step 5: Enter the “Discount Mode” area of the Discount Options page with the highlighted button, then enter the revenue information and determine which of the location’s products and service the discount will be valid for.


Step 6: Use the “Save” button at the top of the interface to complete the setup process, and save the discount into SuperSalon.


When saved into SuperSalon, the coupon discount will be available in the checkout screen of the POS, just like any other offer. The business owner can then create the physical coupon, and set their parameters, according to the location’s business model. For more information on how Discounts are processed in the SuperSalon point of sale software, consult with our knowledge base, send us an email, or feel free to contact our Support department during business hours.