Connecting Support to Your SuperSalon Computer

pcconnectFrom time to time, situations arise when Rogers Software Development’s support technicians need to connect to a SuperSalon computer in order to provide assistance to our customers. Such situations may include instances when the technician needs to apply a fix or make adjustments to your system to ensure proper function. There are three methods that allow a safe and secure connection and we outline them below.

Direct Connection

This method is the least intrusive of the three and allows Rogers support staff to connect securely and quickly. This method relies on a single open port on your router to connect the support technician directly to your SuperSalon POS. Ask your Rogers Software Development representative for information on using a direct connection to provide support.


LogMeIn is a third-party service provider that has partnered with Rogers Software Development to provide our customers with a secure means of remote connection. In the event of a support need, only Rogers and you have access to the credentials to make a connection. To use LogMeIn, our support technician log into a secure website which acts as a window through which they make a connection. Once connected, the Rogers technician can make needed changes and apply fixes.

LogMeIn Online

ShowMyPC and TeamViewer

When the other two methods are not readily available for your location, our support technician may direct you to utilizing ShowMyPC or Team Viewer. Using either involves downloading the client application and providing a user name and password to the technician. Though secure and reliable, Rogers support technicians recommend the other two methods first as they do not rely on third-party connectivity.

ShowMyPC Online

TeamViewer Online

These methods of connecting support to your SuperSalon POS allow us to make fixes and adjustments at any time – providing you quick response to your support needs.

Questions? Contact us here for more information.