Configuring Client Birthday Greetings

Every service-based business that wants to be successful should strive to have as close a relationship to their clients as possible. People tend to go where they feel the most welcome, and amassing a crowd of regular clients is done by cultivating relationships with them. As much as many of us hate to admit it, we all love that little bit of extra attention that comes to us on our birthdays. This article will go over how to use SuperSalon to create birthday greetings for your clients to help cultivate that personal relationship with clients, and potentially make them regular ones.

Entering Client Birthdays into SuperSalon

When creating a New Ticket, users are prompted to enter customer information for new clients. A good best practice is to ask the customer for their birthday so that it can be entered into their customer profile, using the highlighted button shown below. Existing clients can have their birthdate entered into the same place of their standing profile.


Configuring Customer Preferences for SMS

In order for clients to receive their birthday greeting, they must first opt into the location’s SMS mailing list. This is also done on their Customer Profile, and the image below shows the yes/no button that controls whether or not the client would like to receive SMS messages. When this is set to the green checkmark, the client can receive their birthday greeting.


Configuring the Birthday Greeting

With clients’ birthdays established in the POS, and their permission given to receive SMS messages, the next part involves configuring the actual alert message itself. This is done in the Software Settings > Marketing > SMS Text Messages interface, shown below. Users can enter the greeting into the text field, and insert a variable that allows the message to carry the client’s first name. They can further be configured to send the message a set number of days in advance, or for a specific time during the day.



With birthday greetings in place, businesses take great strides in cultivating great relationships with their clients. If you have questions on this or any other part of SuperSalon, please let us know via email or phone, and we will be happy to assist.