Coming Soon: Troubleshooting Section of the ProPoint Knowledge Base

Since its release earlier this year, the ProPoint Solutions Knowledge Base has become an indispensable tool for augmenting our training and on-boarding efforts. New topics have been added, many of which were suggested by our clients. Further, it is our intention to keep this resource as accurate, current, and useful as it can be going forward. In that spirit, we would like to announce a new section that will be added within the coming weeks, one for troubleshooting basic SuperSalon issues.

We would like for this resource to be more than just an information and learning source on how to use our salon management software, and we will be adding new topics that will cover everything from service outages to step by step instructions on how to circumvent basic POS issues. It is our hope that this new section will help alleviate the need for calling the Support department for basic problems, and empower our users to seek the solutions they need at their own pace, without the need for sitting through hold music.

For this endeavor, we invite all of our users to send us their suggestions on what they would like to see in this new section of the Knowledge Base. Client feedback is what drives most of the changes and improvements to SuperSalon, iOffice, and our other offerings, so all ideas and suggestions are welcome. Do you have issues with tickets being lost in the checkout process? Do you find the upload function not performing as it should? Let us know, and we will add a topic or section that covers that issue.

ProPoint Solutions is committed to bringing our clients the best possible user experience in the industry, and part of that commitment involves keeping our informational resources as effective and helpful as possible. If you have a suggestion for this new section of the ProPoint Knowledge Base, send our Documentation department an email here for review. And as always, if you have any questions or suggestions on how we can make the user experience for our offerings better, give our Support department a call, or send us an email.