Coming Soon: Email Receipts

In keeping with our commitment to always stay at the forefront of the current technical landscape, ProPoint is happy to announce that a new feature for the SuperSalon point of sale is in its final stages of development. An upcoming addition to our extended services will include the ability to send salon clients their receipts via email.

What it Does

This new feature will allow salon owners and their staff to have a viable and environmentally friendly alternative to paper waste, as well as an added layer of convinience and security for salon clients. This feature has been highly requested by salon owners all across the country, and our Development team has been hard at work to bring it to fruition.

How it Works

When tickets are moved into the Payment screen, a new button will appear at the bottom of the interface that will give users the option of having the receipt emailed to the client instead of using the printer. The illustrated example below shows a current working example of this new button, as it will appear in the Payment screen.

Summary 1


Salon clients who wish to opt out of this new feature will have the opportunity to do so, and settings will be introduced in the final release that will allow SuperSalon users to automatically add add new clients as their email addresses are first entered into their Customer Profiles. Reprinting of previous receipts will also be possible, and they can take the form of email messages or physical receipts.

This new feature will be available in an upcoming release of the SuperSalon point of sale. Stay tuned to this blog and the SuperSalon Knowledge Base for more information on this and more exciting new features we have coming soon. Until then, feel free to contact us via phone or email with any questions you might have.