A Closer Look at iOffice’s Monthly Financial Report

The most commonly used iOffice reports are those that give the clearest image of the bottom line and Rogers has designed the Monthly Financial Report to do just that. This report can be found under the Sales heading in both the reports menu of SuperSalon’s point of sale and the iOffice back office.  Because of its ability to display business-critical information, the Monthly Financial Report is a favorite among multi-location salon owners.

This article will take you through some of the basics for this report and break down how much information goes into this small area.

By the Month or By the Date Range

The Monthly Financial Report is ideal for collecting and analyzing a month’s worth of data. However, the report is also able to run at any date range you wish to work with. This example shows two possibilities for running the initial report query through iOffice, using the default settings.

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Breakdown of the Monthly Financial Report

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This example of the Monthly Financial Report was run for a short date range and illustrates each of its major components.

This section shows the breakdown of all employee hours, paid in/outs, voids and redos.

Customer Statistics
A perfect snapshot of customer traffic in a location for the given time frame is illustrated in this section of the report. This section shows a multitude of demographic information.

Sales Totals
This provides a quick breakdown of all movement in revenue for the salon in three columns:
– Total Sales
– Service Sales
– Product Sales

These columns are then broken down by gross, net and other factors. The totals for all of these columns are also tabulated at the bottom for easy viewing.

Closeout Totals
This section of the Monthly Financial Report gives a thorough breakdown of all the revenue a location has closed with for a given time frame. The revenue is further broken down by cash, credit card, gift card and other factors. There is also a useful plus or minus column that illustrates the accuracy of the drawer for those days.

Top Discounts
The most popular or used discounts for a given time frame are shown and tabulated in area of the report. This assists in marketing and promotional efforts.

The Monthly Financial Report is one of iOffice’s most powerful reporting features and helps business owners get a clear picture of how sales and marketing efforts are working.

If you have questions or this feature or any SuperSalon or iOffice feature, be sure to get in touch with us here.