A Close Look at the SuperSalon Employee Profile

The ability to keep detailed records on all staff members sets SuperSalon apart from other salon management software. With SuperSalon, salon owners have the option of entering as much – or as little – information on each employee in the Employee Profile, located within the Manager menu. This article will take a closer look at this profile and explain the various sections and areas it includes.

The Employees sub-menu is located in the greater Manager menu, as shown below. Access to this section of SuperSalon can be restricted to management personnel only through the Permissions system.

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From within the Employees sub-menu, you can select the correct employee from the roster of active staff members, as shown in the example below.

Employee Profile 2

The individual Employee Profile, shown below, contains nine sections to store important data. Everything from basic information to  what services they may perform and much more.

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An overview of each section of the Employee Profile is as follows:

  • General
    This is the default view for the Employee Profile and it contains basic information such as name, hire date, position and permission groups.
  • Personal Information
    This section includes the employee’s address, date of birth, Social Security number and other private information. This is also where you can store the employee’s fingerprints, if your salon utilizes biometric scanning.
  • Payroll
    From here, you can configure payroll status as well as detailed information pertaining to base compensation – such as hourly or salary.
  • Commission Plans
    SuperSalon lets you assign different and unique commission plans to each employee. Use this section to create and apply those assignments.
  • Emergency Contact
    Contact information for your employee’s spouse or family member is stored in this section.
  • Notes
    Detailed text notes for your employee can be stored in this section of the profile. Plus, employees with sufficient permissions can also view these notes.
  • Allowed Service Categories
    In this section, you can determine which service categories the employee is permitted to perform.
  • Allowed Services
    Here, you can select the individual services that your employee is permitted to perform.
  • Service Times
    Here, you can configure the estimated amount of time an employee is expected to perform a particular service.

With all of these options, you are easily able to customize how SuperSalon manages employee pay, commissions and even service times.

For more information on SuperSalon staffing features, be sure to get in touch with us here.