Editing Tip Amounts in SuperSalon


Since its most earliest versions, SuperSalon has offered its users the flexibility to be able to edit just about any aspect of their business or workflow. This flexibility also applies to making changes in payments and in gratuity amounts in cases where senior staff members find them necessary. This article will illustrate the process involved in [...]

Redoing a Service in a SuperSalon Quick Sale


Quick sales are the ticket method in SuperSalon that does not require the use of the customer database. However, despite this, it is still possible to perform a redo of services with this method, and this article will go into step-by-step detail on how that process is performed with the most current version of the SuperSalon [...]

Creating a New Commission Plan in iOffice


Commission plans serve as great incentives for staff members to perform at their absolute best, and both SuperSalon and iOffice support some of the most flexible commission plan creation features in the industry. Users are encouraged to experiment with their own combinations of the various templates, and all definitions are explained within the Knowledge Base glossary [...]

Setting up iOffice Auto Reports


One of the most popular features in iOffice is the ability to configure reports to be automatically sent to key staff members so they are always up-to-date on important sales, logistical, and performance related information. These Auto Reports can be a vital tool for upper and middle management to monitor their locations’ progress, and this article [...]

A New Year Upgrade for the SuperSalon Knowledge Base, and More


With only three days of 2018 having passed, ProPoint Solutions is already implementing company-wide improvements to both enhance the customer experience, and solidify our place as an industry leader. One such improvement is the recent upgrade to the SuperSalon Knowledge Base that brings with it a cosmetic enhancement along with new features, topics, and user functionality. [...]

Overview of the SuperSalon Customer Points Feature


Customer points can best be described as a method of promotion or discount that rewards customer loyalty by tallying points each time a service is performed or a specific product is purchased. When these accumulated points reach a certain amount, a free or discounted product or service given to the customer. Using this feature is easy. [...]

Working with SuperSalon’s Permission Groups


Restricting access to certain areas of SuperSalon's point of sale is an important security measure that ensures the integrity of your system. Security issues, both internal and external, can be prevented with just a few configurations in SuperSalon's Permissions settings. Here, we will show you the process for creating a new Permission Group and how you [...]

Breakdown of SuperSalon Receipt Printer Settings


SuperSalon's receipt printing capabilities can be customized to meet your salon's individual needs. We've made it easy for users to create your own headers, footers and messaging to help drive customer loyalty. To get started, click or tap the "Setup" tab in SuperSalon and select "Receipt Printer" from the list of selections. From there, click or [...]

Coming Soon: Troubleshooting Section of the ProPoint Knowledge Base


Since its release earlier this year, the ProPoint Solutions Knowledge Base has become an indispensable tool for augmenting our training and on-boarding efforts. New topics have been added, many of which were suggested by our clients. Further, it is our intention to keep this resource as accurate, current, and useful as it can be going forward. In that [...]

SuperSalon Partner Spotlight: SignSimple


One of the most compelling and effective methods of advertising to take shape in the last few years has been the platform of digital signage. Wherever we go nowadays whether it’s the local gas station, restaurant, or theme park, we see more businesses taking advantage of this medium, and reaping the rewards. Seeing this trend, ProPoint [...]

Breakdown of SuperSalon Customer Profiles


The key to any business's success is its ability to keep customers coming back by providing a high level of customer satisfaction. SuperSalon's customer management features are second to none in the salon and spa industries. This article will show you the many ways the customer profile can help you manage and use customer information for [...]

The SuperSalon Advantage for Wellness Spas


Ever since the first versions of the SuperSalon salon management software were released to the public, our mission has been to provide the most customizable format to accommodate almost any service based business. Over the years, our appeal has been recognized by more than just the frontline area of the beauty industry as seen in our partnerships [...]

Entering a Salon Employee into iOffice


For locations where hiring is done at an upper managerial level, or in cases when the salon PC is not available after hours, new hires can be entered into the system via iOffice. Creating and configuring new Employee Profiles is an easy task in both platforms, and this article will give step by step instructions on [...]

Establishing Departments in SuperSalon


In order to better organize an company's personnel in the system, SuperSalon has several methods of title creation available for its users. Just as users are able to establish Positions, Service Categories, Product Brands and more, there is also the built-in ability for users to create active departments based on production or non-production roles. This article [...]

What Makes SuperSalon Even Better? The Power of Google!


Higher topline revenue growth is at the top of nearly every Salon owner’s priority list, and as part of our ongoing efforts at ProPoint to enable more rapid growth for SuperSalon users, we are pleased to announce a new partnership with Google that will do exactly that by driving higher levels of new traffic through our [...]

Configuring Client Birthday Greetings


Every service-based business that wants to be successful should strive to have as close a relationship to their clients as possible. People tend to go where they feel the most welcome, and amassing a crowd of regular clients is done by cultivating relationships with them. As much as many of us hate to admit it, we [...]

Knowledge Base and Help Preview


Client feedback has always been our first source material when improving upon SuperSalon and its extended features. One area of opportunity we have had has been in the way that we’ve presented learning and support materials. Although our documentation library is quite extensive and full of several PDFs of important information, it has required access to [...]

SuperSalon SMS Features


An Overview of the Feature Since the very earliest phases of its development, our team has envisioned SuperSalon as more than just a cash register program. Over the years, we have integrated features that have set the standard for salon management software everywhere. One such feature that set us apart is SuperSalon’s SMS text messaging feature [...]

SuperSalon Ticket Color Codes


Ease-of-use is one of the watchwords our developers keep in mind with every release of the SuperSalon point-of-sale. One of the best ways to facilitate this is by giving users plenty of quick visual references that can be used to determine important information, without requiring them to hunt for it. A good example of this is in [...]