Receipt Paper


Receipt Paper It's very important to know the right receipt paper to purchase for your printing device. Below is a list of the most commonly used printers for SuperSalon, and the correct paper measurements required for them. POSx Printer 3 1/8" Thermal Receipt Paper Epson Printer 3 1/8" Thermal Receipt Paper Star Printer 3" [...]

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Setting Up Factor4 Gift Cards


Secure gift card options are an excellent way to foster customer loyalty, and ensure profitability by allowing locations to receive revenue before any services are even performed. SuperSalon provides several reliable solutions for gift cards, the newest being our partnership with Factor4. This standalone system is a popular option for business owners throughout the US and [...]

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SuperSalon Version Release Notes


Below are the detailed components of the new release of the SuperSalon point-of-sale. The internal ticket numbers are also referenced with each entry. Clients who have submitted improvement requests can find theirs by using Ctrl + F on the keyboard, type their number, and hit enter to see its entry. Enhancements and Improvements Tickets can [...]

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