Setting Up Taxes in SuperSalon


With a new year comes new tax rates for many locations throughout the US. Luckily, SuperSalon comes with easy to use tax implementation tools right out of the box. Whether it’s a temporary local tax, VAT tax, or a replacement tax, SuperSalon has its users covered. This article will go over the step-by-step instructions involved in [...]

Setting Up Taxes in SuperSalon2019-01-03T11:42:10-06:00

Setting Up Factor4 Gift Cards


Secure gift card options are an excellent way to foster customer loyalty, and ensure profitability by allowing locations to receive revenue before any services are even performed. SuperSalon provides several reliable solutions for gift cards, the newest being our partnership with Factor4. This standalone system is a popular option for business owners throughout the US and [...]

Setting Up Factor4 Gift Cards2019-01-02T11:44:32-06:00

SuperSalon’s Centralized Customer Database: An Updated Overview


Very few of SuperSalon’s extended features have been more popular than the Centralized Customer Database (CCD). In fact, since we first wrote about it in 2015, hundreds of salons all over the United States and Canada have begun to utilize it in their day-to-day operations. This blog post will go over some of its capabilities, the [...]

SuperSalon’s Centralized Customer Database: An Updated Overview2018-12-06T11:13:29-06:00

Overview of 5.9.7 SMS Capabilities


With the release of 5.9.7, SuperSalon now has extended capabilities for the SMS messaging feature. Now, instead of only one way communication between a location and its client base SuperSalon allows for two-way communication where clients can actually respond to text messages. This new capability comes at no additional cost for current clients using our SMS [...]

Overview of 5.9.7 SMS Capabilities2018-10-25T12:45:56-06:00

Synchronizing Salon Permission Settings


The store sync feature of iOffice is one of its most useful and widely used tools for accounts that have multiple locations. With it, users are able to establish and equalize several aspects of their salon business across each location. In this article, we are going to focus on the Permission settings, and the proper way [...]

Synchronizing Salon Permission Settings2018-10-12T17:32:26-06:00

Processing Tax Exempt Sales


Many areas of North America and Canada have programs in place that allow for certain clients to be exempt from sales taxes. These could be for either products, services, or any other salon offering depending on the circumstances. SuperSalon enables its users to create unique tax-exempt programs for use with the system, as well as integrate [...]

Processing Tax Exempt Sales2018-10-12T14:54:32-06:00

Adding Sub Items to Existing Services


Locations will sometimes need to augment the prices of their Service offerings based on certasin circumstances. A good example of this would be an extra charge attached to a perm service if the client has unusually long hair. This extra charge is referred to as a "Sub Item" in the context of SuperSalon, and this article [...]

Adding Sub Items to Existing Services2018-07-12T13:57:36-06:00

Managing Price Groups in SuperSalon


With so many different business models in the salon industry, it is a constant challenge to ensure that our offerings can accommodate them all. The flexibility of our software allows business owners to configure their salon Services to carry different prices depending on the staff member who is performing them. This is the Price Groups feature [...]

Managing Price Groups in SuperSalon2018-10-12T14:39:30-06:00

Changing Appointments into Tickets


Giving business owners the ability to customize their user experience of SuperSalon down to the finest detail has been an important part of its ongoing development. As of SuperSalon 5.6, locations that utilize the Appointment Book have the ability to convert their established appointments into workable tickets. This article will go over the procedure involved in changing [...]

Changing Appointments into Tickets2018-06-20T20:09:06-06:00

An Overview of Wait Time Rules


In order to accurately report on both staff performance and customer satisfaction, it is vital to factor in how long clients have to wait prior to their service. To meet this need, ProPoint Solutions has added calculations to SuperSalon and iOffice that allow business owners to establish acceptable wait times, and even use them to better [...]

An Overview of Wait Time Rules2018-05-17T10:53:31-06:00

Breaking Down the Company Info Submenu


Very few interfaces within the SuperSalon POS are as important to overall business success as the Company Info submenu located in the Setup tab. In here, several metrics and settings are established that will be important to other functions of the system. An example of this would be establishing store hours which will determine the time [...]

Breaking Down the Company Info Submenu2018-05-10T11:36:47-06:00

All About Ticket Voids


Ticket Voids Explained Sometimes it becomes necessary to cancel or delete a sales ticket during the course of a workday. This could be for any number of reasons, and SuperSalon enables its users to be able to perform this important task both during and after the final settlement has taken place. This article will go over [...]

All About Ticket Voids2018-10-12T16:28:06-06:00

Breaking Down the Ticket Information Screen


Research of current and past sales is enhanced for SuperSalon users in the Search Sales submenu of the Manager tab. By filtering queries by date, payment method, and a host of other metrics, salon staff are able to quickly find the ticket they are looking for. By selecting this ticket, there is a wealth of information [...]

Breaking Down the Ticket Information Screen2018-03-29T00:28:58-06:00

Creating Gift Certificates in iOffice


One of iOffice's best features is its ability to mirror the SuperSalon POS in enough ways for it to be feasible to perform administrative tasks like adding new Payment Methods, and have them available for use at the salon with a single upload. This article will go over the step-by-step procedure involved in creating a new [...]

Creating Gift Certificates in iOffice2018-03-20T16:07:23-06:00

Barcodes and Discounts in SuperSalon


SuperSalon's flexibility enables its users to finely tune almost any aspect of their business, and in the area of discounts, this flexibility is enhanced by permitting the use of barcodes for convenient reading. Further, label printers can be configured to print these barcodes for products, or even a reference sheet close to the register. This article [...]

Barcodes and Discounts in SuperSalon2018-03-08T13:49:04-06:00

Creating New Pay Periods in iOffice


When initially setting up a salon’s payroll, one of the first things to establish is the frequency in which staff members will be paid for their work. This article will go over the step-by-step process involved in creating both a weekly pay period, and one that reflects multiple instances per month. While this process is also [...]

Creating New Pay Periods in iOffice2018-03-01T12:03:44-06:00

Creating a New Commission Plan in iOffice


Commission plans serve as great incentives for staff members to perform at their absolute best, and both SuperSalon and iOffice support some of the most flexible commission plan creation features in the industry. Users are encouraged to experiment with their own combinations of the various templates, and all definitions are explained within the Knowledge Base glossary [...]

Creating a New Commission Plan in iOffice2018-02-01T18:26:38-06:00

Working with Product Brands in SuperSalon


Product Brands are the companies are licensed to create and distribute products under their own name, such as Paul Mitchell™ or Redken™. SuperSalon can be configured to recognize these brands via the interface located in the Products submenu of the Manager menu. Breakdown of the Brands Menu Submenu Located in Manager > Products > Brands, this [...]

Working with Product Brands in SuperSalon2018-01-18T12:06:21-06:00

Setting up iOffice Auto Reports


One of the most popular features in iOffice is the ability to configure reports to be automatically sent to key staff members so they are always up-to-date on important sales, logistical, and performance related information. These Auto Reports can be a vital tool for upper and middle management to monitor their locations’ progress, and this article [...]

Setting up iOffice Auto Reports2018-01-11T22:33:09-06:00

Breakdown of SuperSalon Receipt Printer Settings


SuperSalon's receipt printing capabilities can be customized to meet your salon's individual needs. We've made it easy for users to create your own headers, footers and messaging to help drive customer loyalty. To get started, click or tap the "Setup" tab in SuperSalon and select "Receipt Printer" from the list of selections. From there, click or [...]

Breakdown of SuperSalon Receipt Printer Settings2017-10-18T16:04:41-06:00

Working with Product Vendors


As far as SuperSalon terminology goes, “Vendors” are defined as the fulfillment sources of products and/or supplies for the salon. In addition to retail products, Vendors can also provide tools and infrastructure materials. This article will break down the Vendors submenu as well as go over the process involved in entering a new vendor into the [...]

Working with Product Vendors2017-02-16T23:16:55-06:00

SuperSalon’s Monthly Sales Comparison Report at a Glance


Having the ability to gauge the service and retail performance of a salon location, over time, is a valuable tool for determining what works well and what areas need improvement. When a salon has been in business for several years, …

SuperSalon’s Monthly Sales Comparison Report at a Glance2016-11-14T10:39:33-06:00

The SuperSalon UpSys and Internet Settings


In order to facilitate regular communications between SuperSalon’s point of sale and iOffice, a process runs in the background that we call the UpSys service. In earlier versions of SuperSalon, the upload process was often done manually. Now, however, the …

The SuperSalon UpSys and Internet Settings2016-11-03T09:37:56-06:00

Creating a Required Reading Message in SuperSalon


Clear communications between staff members is a vital aspect of any successful business. The SuperSalon point of sale system addresses this need with a versatile and easy to use messaging system, right out of the box. Located in its own …

Creating a Required Reading Message in SuperSalon2016-10-27T09:49:41-06:00

The SuperSalon Inventory Manager: At a Glance


One of the most powerful and intuitive tools in the SuperSalon point of sale is the Inventory Manager. Over the years, this feature has been honed and improved with input from our valued customers. With it, your staff can perform inventory functions from complex transfers to simple product counts. This article will show you each section [...]

The SuperSalon Inventory Manager: At a Glance2016-10-20T12:39:43-06:00

Understanding Multi-Tickets in SuperSalon Point of Sale


Through the course of your business day, special circumstances can arise for certain customers and sales situations. In cases where one customer wishes to pay for the services received by another customer (Example: mother and daughter getting separate services), it’s …

Understanding Multi-Tickets in SuperSalon Point of Sale2016-09-22T11:08:15-06:00

SuperSalon’s Point of Sale and Cash Drawer Settings


SuperSalon’s point of sale supports a wide range of related peripheral devices, such as pole displays and biometric scanners. This hardware support has been an integral part of SuperSalon since its first commercial release. One critical peripheral device is the …

SuperSalon’s Point of Sale and Cash Drawer Settings2016-09-15T09:21:20-06:00

Opening and Closing Your Salon in SuperSalon Point of Sale


SuperSalon salon management software makes it easy for your entire staff to carry out basic, daily functions that run your business. The point of sale features a simple touch screen ready interface that makes opening, closing, checking out customers and …

Opening and Closing Your Salon in SuperSalon Point of Sale2016-09-08T08:24:23-06:00

Creating New Payment Methods in SuperSalon 5.8


SuperSalon allows salon owners to configure any method of payment they would like to use. From cash, checks and both integrated and standalone card methods, to any number of ways your salon receives revenue. This article will provide the step-by-step …

Creating New Payment Methods in SuperSalon 5.82016-09-02T10:22:38-06:00

A Close Look at the SuperSalon Employee Profile


The ability to keep detailed records on all staff members sets SuperSalon apart from other salon management software. With SuperSalon, salon owners have the option of entering as much – or as little – information on each employee in the …

A Close Look at the SuperSalon Employee Profile2016-08-25T08:56:37-06:00

Creating a Training Position in SuperSalon


Finding qualified staff members for your salon is an important part of ensuring your success. To do so, many salon owners use a probationary or training period prior to allowing stylists to work with clients. For this reason, SuperSalon allows …

Creating a Training Position in SuperSalon2016-08-19T08:16:25-06:00

A Look at iOffice’s Custom Report Builder


Rogers Software Development continually works to provide you the tools you need to run your business as efficiently as possible. The Custom Report Builder in iOffice is one of the most powerful tools for gauging the performance of single and multiple location salon businesses. Plus, it can be configured to suits your business's unique needs. Located [...]

A Look at iOffice’s Custom Report Builder2016-08-04T08:29:22-06:00

A Closer Look at iOffice’s Monthly Financial Report


The most commonly used iOffice reports are those that give the clearest image of the bottom line and Rogers has designed the Monthly Financial Report to do just that. This report can be found under the Sales heading in both the reports menu of SuperSalon's point of sale and the iOffice back office.  Because of its [...]

A Closer Look at iOffice’s Monthly Financial Report2016-06-30T10:11:35-06:00

Creating a Commission Plan in SuperSalon 5.8


Giving employees opportunities to increase their own compensation helps with both sales performance and employee retention. SuperSalon comes packed with powerful commission plan creation tools they give you the ability to create plans for virtually every employee relationship.

This article …

Creating a Commission Plan in SuperSalon 5.82016-06-16T11:22:49-06:00

Using SuperSalon Customer Points for Services


In addition to customized gift certificates, series sales and other powerful customer retention tools, SuperSalon also delivers a powerful points system for salon clients. The SuperSalon Customer Points feature provides free or discounted services to help you drive customer loyalty. …

Using SuperSalon Customer Points for Services2016-06-09T09:53:07-06:00

Editing Settled Tickets in SuperSalon


In this video, SuperSalon’s Staff Technical Writer, Aaron Gipson, goes over all the changes that can be made to a completed ticket in the SuperSalon point of sale.

Topics like commission assignment, tip corrections, and more are reviewed in depth.…

Editing Settled Tickets in SuperSalon2016-05-24T07:53:09-06:00

Exploring the iOffice Store Sync: Part Two


In our previous post, we explored the capabilities of the Store Sync feature in the iOffice cloud management and backup system. This feature ensures that certain business metrics are kept consistent across all locations for your iOffice account. In …

Exploring the iOffice Store Sync: Part Two2016-05-06T08:36:56-06:00

SuperSalon’s Salon Dashboard Report


When initially formulating reports for SuperSalon and iOffice, our development team worked to create a singular report that would be the one-stop source for all the relevant information a business owner would need. The information needed to be presented clearly …

SuperSalon’s Salon Dashboard Report2016-04-14T09:41:41-06:00

Processing Refunds with Aurus in SuperSalon


Previously, we showed SuperSalon salon management software users how to process a refund through the SuperSalon point of sale. Today, we present additional information for our Aurus customers that outlines the specific steps for processing Aurus only refunds.

Step One

Processing Refunds with Aurus in SuperSalon2016-03-31T09:50:10-06:00

SuperSalon’s Appointment Book and Customers


SuperSalon’s Appointment Book is one of the features that has received the most fine-tuning and attention from Rogers Software Development. Over the years, the Appointment Book has evolved from a simple entry form to the dynamic power tool it is …

SuperSalon’s Appointment Book and Customers2016-03-24T10:58:23-06:00

Processing a Refund in SuperSalon 5.8


In the course of business, refunds can sometimes be necessary, and SuperSalon’s capabilities make the process as easy as ringing out the original sale. This article will provide a quick walk-though of the procedure for refunding a client’s product purchase. …

Processing a Refund in SuperSalon 5.82016-03-17T08:39:52-06:00

Resolving Closeouts in SuperSalon 5.8


SuperSalon's versatility has made it the industry leader in salon point of sale software. And, there is almost no workplace scenario that hasn't been anticipated in its development. Understanding that end-of-day closeouts can sometimes  

Resolving Closeouts in SuperSalon 5.82016-03-03T10:48:01-06:00

Video Tutorial: SuperSalon and Permissions


This two part video tutorial will guide you through the many permissions setting within SuperSalon. These videos will show you how you can customize SuperSalon to allow specific rights to groups of users and individual users. Join our Staff Technical …

Video Tutorial: SuperSalon and Permissions2016-05-24T07:54:36-06:00

Editing an Employee Time Card in SuperSalon


SuperSalon’s vast array of features and user-friendly interface make daily tasks quick and easy. However, human error can, at times, create unexpected issues that require your manager’s attention. An example of this is when employees forget to punch in or …

Editing an Employee Time Card in SuperSalon2015-12-18T07:20:39-06:00

The New Way to Merge Customers in SuperSalon


Last week, we told you about consolidating and merging customer data through the tried and true method using SuperSalon’s utilities. This week, we present a more modern take on the same procedure, available since SuperSalon’s 5.6.5 release. Users of …

The New Way to Merge Customers in SuperSalon2015-09-04T07:38:12-06:00

Merging Duplicate Customer Profiles in SuperSalon


At times, your salon can experience a high volume of traffic and a busy stylist could enter a repeat customer as a new one. Though this isn’t an issue for SuperSalon, it could potentially create confusion for locations that use …

Merging Duplicate Customer Profiles in SuperSalon2015-09-04T07:11:36-06:00

eLearning Series Volume 3: The SuperSalon Basics


elearning-padWe’re pleased to present the third installment of the 2015 eLearning Series for SuperSalon salon management software. Volume 3 covers the basics of SuperSalon in daily use at your salon or spa.

In this volume, you’ll learn how to …

eLearning Series Volume 3: The SuperSalon Basics2016-05-24T07:54:57-06:00

Implementing the Points System in SuperSalon


SuperSalon point of sale and back office software has several features that can assist business owners in customer retention and loyalty. From our robust discount creation system to customized mobile apps, Rogers Software Development has packed an extensive arsenal of …

Implementing the Points System in SuperSalon2015-07-08T13:32:47-06:00

SuperSalon’s Upload System at a Glance


The bridge between SuperSalon and iOffice is the upload functionality of the Point of Sal. We’ve called it UpSys and developed it to work in the background with minimal intervention from end users. After UpSys has been properly deployed, it’s …

SuperSalon’s Upload System at a Glance2015-07-03T10:39:47-06:00

eLearning Series Volume 2: Product and Retail Management


elearning-padWe’re pleased to present the second installment of the 2015 eLearning Series for SuperSalon salon management software. Volume 2: Product and Retail Management is here to show you the steps to getting the most out of SuperSalon’s product management …

eLearning Series Volume 2: Product and Retail Management2016-05-24T07:55:08-06:00