Why You Should Always Capture Customer Data


A healthy customer database is worth its weight in gold, and can become a source of repeat business for years to come, if maintained properly. This is why the developers of SuperSalon have gone through great lengths to make sure that each customer profile can contain the maximum amount of data for each client that visits [...]

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Turning your Data into Profits!


Users of the SuperSalon salon management system enjoy a comprehensive suite of tools to help them realize their vision of a successful salon enterprise. Over time, as SuperSalon’s database accumulates more information about clients and their activities, the resources at salon owners’ fingertips become even more comprehensive. Many locations don’t even realize the treasure trove of [...]

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Setting Up Taxes in SuperSalon


With a new year comes new tax rates for many locations throughout the US. Luckily, SuperSalon comes with easy to use tax implementation tools right out of the box. Whether it’s a temporary local tax, VAT tax, or a replacement tax, SuperSalon has its users covered. This article will go over the step-by-step instructions involved in [...]

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An Overview of the Daily Report


Of all the reports available to SuperSalon customers, few are more popular and versatile than the Daily Report. Much like the Salon Dashboard, this report organizes a large amount of data into an easy to read format, and is generally …

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SuperSalon’s Centralized Customer Database: An Updated Overview


Very few of SuperSalon’s extended features have been more popular than the Centralized Customer Database (CCD). In fact, since we first wrote about it in 2015, hundreds of salons all over the United States and Canada have begun to utilize it in their day-to-day operations. This blog post will go over some of its capabilities, the [...]

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Managing Updates for Multiple Locations


SuperSalon 5.9.8 is just around the corner, bringing several new features and improvements that our Development team has been working hard on for some time. This is been a very eventful year for SuperSalon updates, with some of the best integrations and improvements being saved for last with this most recent update. Email receipts, ADP Tip [...]

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The Convenience of Quick Keys


SuperSalon has many features that assist its users in moving through the ticket and sales process as quickly as possible. One of these is the Quick Keys feature that appears in the Checkout screen, just prior to final settlement. These allow users to quickly add the most popular products or services to each ticket, with a [...]

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The Schedule Forecasting Report for Fine Tuned Staffing


Located under the Sales > Schedule Forecasting section of the Reports tab of both iOffice and SuperSalon is a tool that can assist business owners in more effective staffing. Matching the correct number of employees on hand to the correct amount of customer flow makes payroll costs more efficient, and this blog post will show how [...]

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Crafting a New Pay Period in SuperSalon


At times, the payroll process for a business requires flexibility in how staff are scheduled and how they are subsequently paid. SuperSalon allows you to configure multiple pay periods, for multiple employees. This allows several forms of payroll to be tabulated at the same time. This article will show you the step-by-step process for creating a [...]

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Managing Price Groups in SuperSalon


With so many different business models in the salon industry, it is a constant challenge to ensure that our offerings can accommodate them all. The flexibility of our software allows business owners to configure their salon Services to carry different prices depending on the staff member who is performing them. This is the Price Groups feature [...]

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Configuring a Pole Display in SuperSalon


SuperSalon comes with built-in support for several peripherals and and devices, right out-of-the-box. Users can take advantage of the most modern retail sales devices available such as the newest receipt printers, bar scanners, and more. This article will give a high level overview of pole display support, and introduce the reader to the settings and customization [...]

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Updating Sales Tax Quickly and Easily


Changes to state and local tax policies can often be fast and unexpected. Keeping up with these rates and changes to percentages, and then applying them to individual locations has the potential to be a very bothersome chore. Luckily, business owners who use SuperSalon and iOffice have a utility at their disposal to quickly update all [...]

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Managing Products in the Edit Multiple Screen


Users of SuperSalon have several options available to them when it comes to managing their retail products. In addition to the Inventory Manager, the Products submenu located in the Manager menu also has the Edit Multiple screen. This interface enables users to perform almost all tasks available in the Inventory Manager, as well as establish important [...]

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Managing the SalonCheckin Feature from iOffice


The SalonCheckin extended feature for SuperSalon is one of the most popular extras that ProPoint Solutions offers to our users. With it, salon clients are able to book their services online and even request the specific staff member they would like to have during their visit. This is accomplished by either a customized webpage, or a [...]

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POS-X Receipt Printer Troubleshooting


Having equipment act up during a busy workday is never an enjoyable experience. This is particularly true in the case of your salon's receipt printer. Since they are an integral part of the sales and check-out process, it's important to keep receipt printers working, as expected, throughout the workday. Fortunately, our partnership with POS-X has made [...]

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Working with Product Brands in SuperSalon


Product Brands are the companies are licensed to create and distribute products under their own name, such as Paul Mitchell™ or Redken™. SuperSalon can be configured to recognize these brands via the interface located in the Products submenu of the Manager menu. Breakdown of the Brands Menu Submenu Located in Manager > Products > Brands, this [...]

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Setting up iOffice Auto Reports


One of the most popular features in iOffice is the ability to configure reports to be automatically sent to key staff members so they are always up-to-date on important sales, logistical, and performance related information. These Auto Reports can be a vital tool for upper and middle management to monitor their locations’ progress, and this article [...]

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Better Staff Communications with iOffice’s Mass Messaging Utility


Keeping staff informed of important news and announcements can oftentimes be a difficult prospect. To address this challenge, SuperSalon and iOffice include a little known feature than can eliminate the headache, and reduce the time needed for staff communications significantly. The Mass Messaging Utility allows owners and franchisees who are responsible for multiple employees to send [...]

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Creating Coupon Discounts in SuperSalon


One of the best ways to ensure repeat business from your clientele is by always maintaining an array of discounts that can be used for your offerings. Since SuperSalon point-of-sale, one of the world’s leading salon management systems, was designed to enable business owners to create as many discounts as they would like, you see any [...]

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Setting Automatic Breaks with SuperSalon


A busy location, with several employees on the schedule at once, can have challenges in keeping staffing at an optimum. And, having to determine break times during a rush can add to the stress. Since the 5.6.5 version, SuperSalon has featured a built-in function that allows managers and senior staff members to pre-configure breaks before things [...]

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Tips for Internet and Credit Card Outages


Though you may not experience them often, outages in required business services can result in lost revenue and delays in customer service. When an internet service provider has an interruption of service, credit card processing can often grind to a crawl (with telephone authorizations) or stop completely. SuperSalon also loses the ability to upload data to [...]

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SuperSalon Customer Preference Settings


Being able to collect and store all of the information possible about your clients is critical to the success of your business. We at ProPoint Solutions have recognized this value for robust data collection, as well as detailed customer profiles, and have incorporated these features into the PoS since the first release of our software. The [...]

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Opening and Closing Your Salon in SuperSalon Point of Sale


SuperSalon salon management software makes it easy for your entire staff to carry out basic, daily functions that run your business. The point of sale features a simple touch screen ready interface that makes opening, closing, checking out customers and …

Opening and Closing Your Salon in SuperSalon Point of Sale2016-09-08T08:24:23+00:00

Creating New Payment Methods in SuperSalon 5.8


SuperSalon allows salon owners to configure any method of payment they would like to use. From cash, checks and both integrated and standalone card methods, to any number of ways your salon receives revenue. This article will provide the step-by-step …

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A Close Look at the SuperSalon Employee Profile


The ability to keep detailed records on all staff members sets SuperSalon apart from other salon management software. With SuperSalon, salon owners have the option of entering as much – or as little – information on each employee in the …

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Creating a Training Position in SuperSalon


Finding qualified staff members for your salon is an important part of ensuring your success. To do so, many salon owners use a probationary or training period prior to allowing stylists to work with clients. For this reason, SuperSalon allows …

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A Look at iOffice’s Custom Report Builder


Rogers Software Development continually works to provide you the tools you need to run your business as efficiently as possible. The Custom Report Builder in iOffice is one of the most powerful tools for gauging the performance of single and multiple location salon businesses. Plus, it can be configured to suits your business's unique needs. Located [...]

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A Closer Look at iOffice’s Monthly Financial Report


The most commonly used iOffice reports are those that give the clearest image of the bottom line and Rogers has designed the Monthly Financial Report to do just that. This report can be found under the Sales heading in both the reports menu of SuperSalon's point of sale and the iOffice back office.  Because of its [...]

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SuperSalon 5.8 Report Terminology: Gross vs Net


Users of SuperSalon and iOffice enjoy one of the most comprehensive suites of reporting tools available for the beauty and personal services industry. Every aspect of your business can be tracked and reported on within the SuperSalon point of sale and iOffice. However, understanding terminology is an important in order to get the most out of [...]

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Exploring the iOffice Store Sync: Part One


SuperSalon and iOffice users have a powerful tool at their disposal which helps them keep things like products, permission settings and promotional discounts in sync between multiple locations. This tool is the Store Sync feature and it’s available to users …

Exploring the iOffice Store Sync: Part One2016-04-28T08:55:56+00:00

Setting Up the Zebra 2824 Printer in SuperSalon


At Rogers, we understand that inventory can become a tedious chore for busy salons. Because of that, we have built in support for one of the best tools for the task, the Zebra model 2824 label printer.

Pictured below, this …

Setting Up the Zebra 2824 Printer in SuperSalon2016-04-08T08:02:09+00:00

Changes to Microsoft Windows Support


On January 12, 2016, Microsoft ends its support for Windows 8.0, along with Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10. For Windows users who have already updated to Windows 8.1, Microsoft’s mainstream support will continue until January 10, 2023. End of support means that Microsoft will no longer publish security patches or provide technical support for products [...]

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Getting Help with SuperSalon’s Salon Kiosk


One of SuperSalon’s most popular features is its ability to extend iteself across several decives in a salon while still accessing a centralized database. This kiosk ability can also be used with smaller mobile devices in addition to standard desktops. …

Getting Help with SuperSalon’s Salon Kiosk2016-01-08T09:17:07+00:00

Working with SuperSalon’s SMS Power Tool


SuperSalon’s SMS Power Tool is the perfect, low-cost way to keep your customers close. Using it for appointment reminders, follow ups, thank yous or even birthday greetings can help you boost customer loyalty and keep no-shows to a minimum.

Many …

Working with SuperSalon’s SMS Power Tool2015-11-11T09:16:31+00:00

Connecting Support to Your SuperSalon Computer


pcconnectFrom time to time, situations arise when Rogers Software Development’s support technicians need to connect to a SuperSalon computer in order to provide assistance to our customers. Such situations may include instances when the technician needs to apply a fix …

Connecting Support to Your SuperSalon Computer2015-10-22T09:05:53+00:00

SuperSalon’s Integrated Partners for Processing and Marketing


Having the ability to market your organization effectively and being able to process card payments securely are two important aspects of salon business that owners take seriously. We, at Rogers Software Development, recognize the importance of these abilities and have …

SuperSalon’s Integrated Partners for Processing and Marketing2015-10-01T09:22:34+00:00

eLearning Series Volume 3: The SuperSalon Basics


elearning-padWe’re pleased to present the third installment of the 2015 eLearning Series for SuperSalon salon management software. Volume 3 covers the basics of SuperSalon in daily use at your salon or spa.

In this volume, you’ll learn how to …

eLearning Series Volume 3: The SuperSalon Basics2016-05-24T07:54:57+00:00

BrightSign Digital Signage and SuperSalon


At Rogers Software Development, our customers’ success is something we take seriously. Through the years, we’ve created a number of smart solutions that enhance our SuperSalon point of sale software to help customers increase visibility and brand loyalty. A relatively …

BrightSign Digital Signage and SuperSalon2015-08-13T09:28:22+00:00

The Centralized Customer Database for SuperSalon


SuperSalon has plenty of powerful tools that allow its users to get the most out of both the software and their customer loyalty efforts. The most robust of these Power Tools is the Centralized Customer Database (CCD).

SuperSalon’s CCD Power …

The Centralized Customer Database for SuperSalon2015-07-30T08:47:31+00:00

eLearning Series Volume 2: Product and Retail Management


elearning-padWe’re pleased to present the second installment of the 2015 eLearning Series for SuperSalon salon management software. Volume 2: Product and Retail Management is here to show you the steps to getting the most out of SuperSalon’s product management …

eLearning Series Volume 2: Product and Retail Management2016-05-24T07:55:08+00:00

Getting the Most out of SuperSalon’s Memberships Feature


There are very few marketing strategies that can guarantee future revenue quite like a good and well thought out membership program. Those that require a monthly payment, and are successful, can quickly lead to a dependable stream of profit that …

Getting the Most out of SuperSalon’s Memberships Feature2015-05-15T07:27:05+00:00

Getting to Know SuperSalon Package Deal Functions


With summer rapidly approaching, many salons are looking to increase their revenues in an effort to reach mid-year goals. An excellent way to do this is to bundle both services and products together in a package which will serve as …

Getting to Know SuperSalon Package Deal Functions2015-04-29T12:56:13+00:00

Keeping Tabs on Your Staff with SuperSalon Reports


The backbone of any good business is a well trained professional staff. And, in many ways, they are also the face of the company.

Knowing this, it is very important that you pick the best possible people to represent your …

Keeping Tabs on Your Staff with SuperSalon Reports2015-04-22T12:20:43+00:00

April’s SuperSalon Tip – Resolving Upload Issues


SuperSalon's upload feature is the method in which all the information is transferred from the POS to our iOffice cloud servers. Most salons utilize the updated version of this function which takes place in the background, and usually performs its task in preset increments throughout the course of the day. If users of iOffice find that [...]

April’s SuperSalon Tip – Resolving Upload Issues2015-04-13T08:12:27+00:00