CARES Act Loan Materials

The federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 includes a critical stimulus package designed to assist small businesses with maintaining payroll, and enduring this slump in the US economy. The “CARES Act”, passed by the U.S. Congress has loans available, right now, to help you through this trying time.

Here are the documents mentioned by Mary Chowning and Sam Spar on their webinar last week. These can be used as references in navigating the resources available from the US government.

CARES Loan Memo

This document, provided by Futaleufu Partners, goes over the ins and outs of the CARES Act, and how it can help small businesses.

Download the CARES Loan Memo Here

CARES PPP Loan Template

We have also provided the template to assist business owners in calculating their costs and other needs for the loan. This template is in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format, and will require a compatible reader.

Download the CARES PPP Loan Template Here