Building a Solid Customer Base with SalonCheckin

Regular returning clients are the lifeblood of any successful salon business. While much of the success in turning first-time customers into repeat ones depends on the skill and charisma of your frontline staff, the SalonCheckin enhancement module for SuperSalon can make it so this is all they have to focus on. Scheduling, marketing, and managing details for repeat businesses will be taken care of by us.

This valuable feature of the SuperSalon management system provides salon business owners with an online presence that is customized to their brand. With it, salons can provide for their customers a platform for online check-in, appointment creation, requesting their favorite stylist, and more. A quick rundown of the customer retention benefits of this enhancement feature is as follows:

SalonCheckin Keeps them Coming Back!

  • Gives a Sense of Modernity: Salon businesses who choose to stay on the cutting edge of this time are well served by offering their clients the ability to reach them online. When customers see that a salon’s infrastructure is up on current digital trends, they can assume that the services will be as well.
  • Enhances the Customer Experience: Having the ability to quickly book their service with their favorite salon staff member from anywhere in the world offers a convenience that few other salon enterprises have. A painless and intuitive booking procedure will be remembered and reused every time the client needs to have their favorite service performed.
  • Gives Salon Staff a Heads Up: Visits that are booked through the SalonCheckin feature immediately appear on the SuperSalon Appointment Book. This allows stylists and other salon staff to look up the clients Customer Profile, and properly prepare for their visit. This adds yet another layer to the customer experience that will likely have them coming back for some time to come.

Check out our Knowledge Base for more information on this and our other offerings. SuperSalon users have many tools at their disposal to help with customer retention through our platform, and if you’d like to know more, please contact our Sales department to schedule a demo.