Breaking Down the Ticket Information Screen

Research of current and past sales is enhanced for SuperSalon users in the Search Sales submenu of the Manager tab. By filtering queries by date, payment method, and a host of other metrics, salon staff are able to quickly find the ticket they are looking for. By selecting this ticket, there is a wealth of information that can be gleaned from the interface that generates, the Ticket Information Screen.

This blog post will serve as an overview of this interface, and will go into detail on each section, and its function.

Summarizing the Ticket Information Screen

Shown below, highlighted in green, is the upper left portion of the greater Ticket Information screen which displays all of the important chronological details of the sale, as well as demographic and other information. This section was designed to be a quick reference when researching the time and labor involved in a sale, as it shows all of the appropriate timestamps.

Transaction Information

The upper right portion of the Ticket Information screen shows the services that were performed, their price, and who in the salon staff received commission for the sale. Multiple transactions can be scrolled via the green arrow buttons on the right-hand side.

Payment Information

The middle left section of the interface shows the payment type, and the total amount that were paid into the settlement of this ticket.


The numeric details involved in the settlement of the ticket, from the subtotal to the tip, are displayed in the middle right section of the Ticket Information screen.

Lower Button Array

The buttons in the lower portion of the Ticket Information screen allow users to make changes and view details. Each button’s role is broken down as follows:

  • Customer Info: Clicking or tapping on this button will bring up the client’s Customer Profile, making it available for editing.
  • Return To Wait: This button will return the ticket to the “Waiting” status.
  • Void: Authorized users are able to void the ticket, and all of its associated payments by using this button. A void reason will need to be selected during the process.
  • Edit Tips/Payments: This button can be used by authorized users to make financial changes to the ticket in regards to the amount paid, or the tip paid out. Note: Credit card payments will be voided and need to be rerun when this is used.
  • Edit Ticket: This button will also nullify all payment information, allowing authorized users to make needed changes.
  • Print: Clients who have returned for a copy of the receipt, or staff members who need another hard copy, can use this button to send it to the receipt printer
  • Close: This button will return the user to the Search Sales submenu.
  • Edit Commission: When assigned commission needs to be changed for a settled ticket, authorized users may make the change with this button.