Breakdown of SuperSalon Customer Profiles

The key to any business’s success is its ability to keep customers coming back by providing a high level of customer satisfaction. SuperSalon’s customer management features are second to none in the salon and spa industries. This article will show you the many ways the customer profile can help you manage and use customer information for an improved customer experience.

The Customer Database itself can be accessed through the manager menu and then the ‘Customers’ sub-menu. It can also be accessed when salon staff are processing a New Ticket, and it can be used in almost any stage in the sale process. Our illustrated example below shows the default view of the customer profile; the personal information section.

Customer Profile

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The buttons along the bottom give the user access to the other parts of the Customer Profile. We break them down for you below:

  • Alerts: From here, users can configure customized notes to appear at certain stages of the sales process when a specific customer is being services.
  • Notes: Every aspect of a client’s characteristics as it relates to beauty services can be added and edited. Use this to address things such as type of hair, nails and skin details.
  • History: A complete history of every visit by a specific client.
  • Appointments: Any currently scheduled appointments for this client will be listed in detail here.
  • Points: If a location offers customer loyalty points, this screen allows users to review and edit the client’s points as needed.
  • Children: The client’s children can be listed here, along with their birthdays.
  • Billing: Instructions for billing, including the client’s mailing address, can be listed and edited from here.
  • Customer Preferences: From here, users can configure a client’s preferred stylist and their participation in various marketing and SMS campaigns.

With all this information at your disposal, caring for your clients the right way is far easier. Though no piece of client information is mandatory (unless configured in software settings), every bit of information is helpful in giving your clients the best possible experience.

If you have questions about SuperSalon’s customer maintenance features, or any of SuperSalon’s functionality, be sure to get in touch with us here.