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14Aug, 2019

Turning Walk-in Clients into Repeat Clients

What percentage of your salon business consists of customers just walking in for the first time? Further, how is your percentage rate in making sure those clients [...]

9Aug, 2019

Step by Step: Creating a New Permission Group

The Permissions settings in SuperSalon's point of sale are the first line of security for accessing critical areas of the system. With them, owners and managers can [...]

2Aug, 2019

A Closer Look at ADP Tip Cards

In our most recent post, we talked about how SuperSalon can modernize a salon business’ tipping program. The last point in that post we touched upon was [...]

31Jul, 2019

21st Century Tipping: Don’t Get Left Behind!

Like many others who work in the service sector, hairstylists and other salon staff are dependent on tips to supplement their wages. This addition to their livelihood [...]