Better Staff Communications with iOffice’s Mass Messaging Utility

Keeping staff informed of important news and announcements can oftentimes be a difficult prospect. To address this challenge, SuperSalon and iOffice include a little known feature than can eliminate the headache, and reduce the time needed for staff communications significantly. The Mass Messaging Utility allows owners and franchisees who are responsible for multiple employees to send a single message to multiple recipients through an easy to use interface.

Benefits of the Mass Messaging Utility

Business owners and their managers can benefit from this more streamlined method of communicating with their staff by:

  • Not having to keep track of several phone numbers and email addresses that are often subject to change without notice.
  • Configuring the messages and announcements to be required reading prior to staff members clocking in via the SuperSalon timeclock.
  • Creating a reliable method for staff communications in the event of emergency or crisis.
  • Alerting specific groups of users to any security issues within the company.

Location and Access to the Mass Messaging Utility

As shown in the illustration below, this feature can be found in the “Setup” tab of iOffice, and can be used to send group messages at no extra cost to all users of iOffice. Unlike the SMS feature of SuperSalon that incurs a per message fee, the Mass Messaging Utility is driven my SuperSalon’s native internal messaging system which delivers the messages upon each standard upload of the locations’ SuperSalon POS.


This feature of iOffice and SuperSalon can be a vital tool in keeping all staff informed of important information, and we provide it at no cost. To learn more about it, and it’s features, check out our Knowledge Base materials on the subject to learn more, or email our Support Department for more information.