Barcodes and Discounts in SuperSalon

SuperSalon’s flexibility enables its users to finely tune almost any aspect of their business, and in the area of discounts, this flexibility is enhanced by permitting the use of barcodes for convenient reading. Further, label printers can be configured to print these barcodes for products, or even a reference sheet close to the register. This article will go into the enabling of this feature, and give instructions on how they are processed during the ticket workflow.

Enabling in SuperSalon

Step 1: From the Manager screen, enter the Discounts submenu.

Step 2: Select a Discount to edit. In this example we’re editing ‘Discount Coupon’.

Step 3: Select the Discount Code field and enter the Bar-code. Select Save, and repeat as necessary.

Note: The entire barcode number should be entered into the code field of the Discount. (810295001169 in this example). A quick way to enter the barcode number into the Discount Code field is to click in the field with your mouse, then scan the bar-code label with the bar-code scanner.

Using the Discount in SuperSalon

Step 1: During the checkout process, select the applied service or product on the ticket. (Selected services or products will appear highlighted in blue)

Step 2: Select Discounts from the Actions menu.

Step 3: Applicable discounts to the selected service or product will appear on the Discount Selection screen, in the center of the screen.

Step 4: Using the Bar-code scanner, scan your discount barcode, and the discount will automatically add to the selected Service or Product.

The procedure described above will also be added to the ProPoint Knowledge Base in the coming days. If you have any questions on this or any other aspect of any of our offerings, please let us know by phone or email, and we will be happy to assist you.