Avoiding Payroll Mistakes with SuperSalon

Running a 21st century salon business can be equal parts profitable and stressful. One of the most stressful prospects a salon owner can think of is to have a mistake made with payroll. Having a good software-based salon management system can go a long way in avoiding these mistakes, especially if they are systems like SuperSalon that have all the right features in place to help.

Using SuperSalon to Foolproof your Payroll

Over the years, we have listened to the thousands of clients we are partnered with, and taken their guidance when it comes to creating the flexible payroll and scheduling features of SuperSalon. Here are just a few of the features that can help salon business avoid any costly payroll mistakes.

SuperSalon’s Scheduling Features
Creating a schedule that is consistent and understood by all of your employees is the first step in nailing down company payroll. SuperSalon’s scheduling features give salon owners and managers an easy and intuitive interface with which to schedule their employees, and easily make changes. From here, salon owners and managers can accommodate the needs of their staff, and ensure full coverage during the busiest days.

SuperSalon’s Top of the Line Timeclock
The timeclock features in SuperSalon flexible enough to accommodate any business model, and provide significant value for managing staff hours. In addition to recording and tabulating punch times, timecards can be edited whenever human error is found, and staff members can have a hard copy of their total hours with SuperSalon’s Mini reports.

Payroll Reports Done Right
Among the hundreds of reports available with SuperSalon and iOffice are several that focus specifically on payroll and labor costs. With these, salon owners have real-time updates and statistics right at their fingertips to help them make informed decisions, and catch small mistakes before they become catastrophic ones.

Don’t let payroll mistakes dig into your profit margins or long-term plans!. In addition to the payroll benefits listed above, there are so many others features our tool offers that can help streamline your business. Contact us today to schedule a demo with one of our sales team, and we will show you how we can contribute to your success.