Automatic Breaks in SuperSalon 5.8

Since the upgrade to MySQL 5, SuperSalon has featured a built-in function that allows users and business owners to configure automatic break times for their staff. This valuable feature allows specialized break times to occur without the need for manual time clock punches. Plus, it can help to keep payroll more uniform across multiple locations.

This article will serve as a guide to the settings used within this feature. We’ll also explain the impact of these break times on both production and non-production hours.

Automatic Breaks: At a Glance

The illustration below shows the setup page for employee break time and it can be access from the Nav Menu> Setup> Payroll/Bonuses> Timecards. From here, you can configure the feature based on the settings illustrated below.

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  • Enable Automatic Breaks
    This setting activates or deactivates the feature.
  • Automatic Break Length
    The amount of time – in minutes – that will be deducted as break time.
  • Deduct Break Time After Working
    This is calculated in hours and serves as the default time to elapse before automatic break time takes effect.
  • Enable Non Production Time Transfer
    Activates or deactivates non production time transfer feature.
  • Automatic Non Production Time Transfer Length
    The amount of time – in minutes – that is calculated as non production time.
  • Transfer Time After Working
    Also calculated in hours, this is the default time accumulated before the non production time takes effect.

Breaks vs. Non Production Time
Non production time appears in reporting and can apply to all staff positions. How it affects payroll is determined by the salon owner. Some businesses provide a different level of hourly pay for non production time versus production time when tips can be potentially earned.

Break times, on the other hand, are displayed as such in reports and no hourly pay is earned during these times. This makes it easy for salon owners to manage daily workflow for all staff members and to see each employee’s production, non production and break times.

If you have questions on this feature, or any of SuperSalon’s functionalities, be sure to get in touch with us here.