April’s SuperSalon Tip – Resolving Upload Issues

SuperSalon’s upload feature is the method in which all the information is transferred from the POS to our iOffice cloud servers. Most salons utilize the updated version of this function which takes place in the background, and usually performs its task in preset increments throughout the course of the day. If users of iOffice find that they are looking at obvious discrepancies in either reports or sales statistics for the day, it?s typically a glitch with the upload function.

When it’s clear that there is an issue with the upload function, it’s normal to notify Rogers technical support immediately and, oftentimes, the fix is very quick and easy. In this article, we would like to share with you some of the simpler workarounds performed by technical support that can easily be performed by your staff and, potentially, save time during a salon’s busy workday.

  1. Check the network. Try to see if internet connectivity for the location is still functional. This can be accomplished by pressing F11 on the keyboard and attempting to open a web page in a separate tab. If you are disconnected from the internet, the upload function will automatically fail.
  2. Reboot the PC. Restarting a computer is usually the first step in virtually all troubleshooting scenarios, and the first recommendation when consulting IT or technical support on almost any issue. When the PC restarts, and SuperSalon comes back up, attempt your upload again.
  3. Investigate the problem via the POS. Users who have the proper permissions available to them can access the Internet Setup sub menu in the Setup Tab, and then click the ?UpSys Status? button to take a closer look at what the issue could be. Information about the status of the Upsys Service itself, the network status and whether the current password is still valid can be seen here.

Armed with the information located in the third step listed above will help shorten the time of any technical support call that is made. But, remember: we at Rogers Software Development always encourage you to call us if you ever hit a snag.