Another Look at the iOffice Mass Messaging Utility

Fast and reliable mass communication for business owners who oversee several locations is important for keeping everyone on the same page. Users of SuperSalon and iOffice have access to an advanced feature that allows them to do just that in a quick and convenient way. The Mass Messaging Utility located in the “Tools” section of iOffice is a powerful, but often overlooked resource.

Whether it’s an urgent announcement, a congratulatory accolade, or any other message that you would like everyone in your company to know, the Mass Messaging Utility has you covered. A single message can be crafted from the iOffice interface, and then sent to every single location in an account, to every staff members personal messaging inbox.

Value Points of the Mass Messaging Utility

  • Instantaneous streamlined communication to all staff members carries with it several benefits for salon owners. Here are just a few examples of them:
  • Because messages are sent to staff members’personal SuperSalon in boxes, there is no need to track their email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Letting specific members of staff know of any possible security issues within the company, or at their location.
  • Having a fast, no-nonsense method of quick communication during an emergency or crisis can spell the difference between relief and catastrophe.
  • Making messages carry the “Required Reading” designation is very useful for ensuring staff members acknowledge rule changes in new policies.

Where Can I Find the Mass Messaging Utility, and How Do I Use It?

This resource is located in the “Tools” section of iOffice, as shown in the illustrated example below. Access and use of this feature is completely free, and it can be used to send as many messages as business owners and their managers would like. This feature is separate from the SMS functionality/power tool, and messages are sent via the upload functionality.

Mass Messaging Utility 1

For illustrated instructions on how to send a message to several salons at once using this resource, please consult with our Knowledge Base article on the subject. Using the Mass Message utility to keep everyone up-to-date is a smart and easy way to keep everyone on the same page. If you’d like to know more about this, or any other of our offerings, please let us know via phone or email, and we will be happy to help!