An Overview of Wait Time Rules

In order to accurately report on both staff performance and customer satisfaction, it is vital to factor in how long clients have to wait prior to their service. To meet this need, ProPoint Solutions has added calculations to SuperSalon and iOffice that allow business owners to establish acceptable wait times, and even use them to better communicate with extended services such as SalonCheckin.

This article will present a brief overview of where to establish these metrics in iOffice, and give a brief description of what each setting represents. For more in-depth information on the Wait Time Rules feature, check out the more in-depth article on our Knowledge Base.

Configuring Wait Time Settings in iOffice

Shown below is the interface located in the Store Setup > Software Settings > Wait Time interface of iOffice, and these options allow users to fine tune the Wait Time settings according to their specific needs.

Wait Time Disabled: This yes/no setting will activate or deactivate the Wait Time feature.

Default Service: Select the most frequently used service to assist the wait time in calculator in determining the approximate wait time.

Assumed Walk-in Rate: This setting allows users to specify an additional percentage they wish to pad the call-ahead time over the standard wait time. A larger percentage would be used for a location that has many walk-ins.

Wait Time Tuner: This feature will increase or decrease the walk-in wait time and the call-ahead wait time calculation by the specified percentage. It allows users to adjust the wait time estimator in the location.

Wait Time Refresh Rate: This feature allows users to specify how frequently the wait time will update on the main sales screen.

Factor In Employees Schedules: If enabled, wait time calculations will consider employee schedules when determining the wait time. If set to “yes” and an employee is scheduled to come in within the current wait time, the wait time will reflect that accordingly.

Factor In Appointments: This feature determines whether or not pending appointments are factored into the current wait time. If enabled, it will automatically assign a stylist’s appointments to them.

Factor In Call Aheads: This setting will determine whether or not Call Ahead visits will be factored into the Wait Time calculations.

Display Wait Time Chart: This setting toggles whether or not the Wait Time Chart will be displayed in the main sales screen.