An Overview of the Timecard Report

Continuing our ongoing showcase of our most widely used reports, we’d like to focus this week on one of the very few reports that are able to be edited in SuperSalon or iOffice: the TimeCard report. Located in either the POS or iOffice, under the “Payroll” heading, this report ensures the most accurate payroll possible by allowing users to make edits to punches, Production Hours, and other metrics.

Shown below is the iOffice version of this report, run for a very recent pay period. The layout is an easy to read spreadsheet format where the rows correspond to the dates of the current pay cycle, and the columns corresponding to punches and additional hours. Rows that have missing punches will show up in red, and have a “Y” underneath the “Error” column for the day where it is missing.

Timecard 1

Clicking on the blue link that corresponds to the day will take the user to the interface shown below. Here, they are able to make adjustments to timecard punches, and add additional hours as needed. This is especially useful for staff members who may have vacation hours that they’ve accumulated, and they can be added from this interface.

Timecard 2

For more information on how to perform a timecard edit, please consult with our Knowledge Base article on the subject, posted here. The article also includes an instructional video that shows the step-by-step process involved in this important managerial task.

Operational Filters

This report can further be fine tuned by using the filters that are available on the left side of the interface. Depending on how a location does its payroll, and some locations like to give a hard copy of this report for each staff member on payday, these filters can be adjusted based on the following sets of criteria:

  • Select Employees: This drop down will allow the report to be run for every staff member at once, or a single employee at a time.
  • Do Not Show Empty Timecards: Utilizing this checkbox in conjunction with “All Employees” will save space by hiding employees who may not have any punches for the given pay cycle.
  • Select Period Set: For locations who utilize multiple different pay periods, this drop down menu will allow users to cycle between them for the purposes of this report.
  • Select Period: This filter will display all of the date ranges for each pay cycle corresponding to the chosen Period Set.

This was one of the very first reports designed for SuperSalon and iOffice, and is certainly one of the most widely used. Business owners evaluate for its ability to make sure that everyone gets paid exactly what they are owed in a convenient and accurate way. For more information on this or any other report and our inventory, please let us know, and we would be happy to answer your questions.